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Terrain Issue

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder' started by lukeb9433, Jul 27, 2013.

  1. I'm having trouble with the Terrain using BTB evo - when I add the terrain, ( and it happens both with click and drag and auto add), I'm getting these weird reflections of the terrain in the "sky". As I zoom out, the reflections get farther away, and as I zoom in to the track, such as car height, the reflections are right on top of you, creating this strange, jagged interference. Attached are some photos:

    The track I'm building came from GPS data - in case that had something to do with it, I tried just making a simple, flat track: same results.

    Has anyone ever had this issue? Help! What can be done?

    Attached Files:

  2. DId you use fill? it can go whacky sometimes. It seems like some of your terrain nodes have merged whit ones across the area far away.. Use 2D topview (press "2") and try to find the bugging terrain. You can use the terrain list, check Hide Unselected and go thru them one by one (just click on one of them, keep the mouse inside that window to keep focus and use arrow keys to browse thru them quickly.). In one of the pieces, something is sticking out, that's what's bugging (most likely).

    It seems that you got a lot of unnecesary terrain pieces left over from previous stuff.. Since it looks like pretty simple track, i would delete all terrain and start over. Or at least go thru the terrain "pieces" and delete the uneneccesary/bugging pieces.
  3. See, I thought the same thing, because I noticed the fill doing wacky things, but in a different way. This happens with both fill and click and drag. I've got a lot of pieces in the photos, but it does the same thing with just one small piece - it reflects the image of the terrain above the track, and when you zoom down to car height, the reflection is on top of you, blocking most of the view and doing all sorts of crazy things... There really isn't just one piece thats bugging - any new piece will do it too.
  4. Start from scratch, your project is most likely corrupt. It happens sometimes. Make a lot of backups, one for each hour of work so you can continue from some point.
  5. But it still happens when I start from scratch with a small, simple track...
  6. I left a message for you at NG...
    Is it an older ATI graphics card?
    My old lap-top does exactly the same thing...
    Have a look through the threads here as I know there's at least one pertaining to the problem...
    I don't know if there's a fix or not now though sorry, just use my main system instead now, beside, the old lappy was too slow to be of much use with BTB apart from bored & traveling...
    Good luck!
  7. Thanks for the advice- It does seem to be related to the crappy graphics cards in most older laptops. Read some of the threads about it. No one seems to have found a solution, other than using a desktop of course.