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Teammates Question

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by My993C2, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I have done a couple of career seasons in the HRT and not surprisingly my teammate Bruno Senna was not all that good not coming close to scoring any points all season. But my question concerning teammates comes up now that I have started to drive for Toro Rosso. In previous seasons while at HRT, Buemi in the Toro Rosso would score points. Not many points, but occasionally he would find a way to score some points. But now that I am at Toro Rosso, Buemi is never close to finishing in the points.

    So my question is, are your teammates always crappy? Does CM purposely handicap your teammate to help the human driver finish ahead of them? In the future if I was to get a ride at Red Bull, McLaren or Ferrari would Vettel, Webber, Hamilton, Button and Alonso go from drivers who consistently compete for the WDC to someone having a bad season depending on which team I went to?
  2. I started a 3 year career with Williams and can confirm Rubens is waaaaaay off the pace.

    I think I read here someone else complaining that when they joined Red Bull, Vettel suddenly started driving poorly too.
  3. Yeah it seems to be the case, I was with red bull for 4 seasons and every single season Vettel was well off the pace, in a lot of races he struggled to even finish in the points
  4. Thanks Jeff. Instead of trying to get a ride at Red Bull, what I need to do is get a ride with Ferrari so that Alonso all of a sudden becomes some crappy driver. ... LOL

    As fun as driving in this game can be, at times it sure can be retarded.
  5. David O'Reilly

    David O'Reilly
    A bad quali means I can go forwards in the race.

    I'm in season 4/7 in the Lotus.
    Jarno got my hopes up with a P13 in Q2 but despite running 5th for a while in China (I felt so proud of him) he has been coming P23!
    The exception of course was Catalunya, he decided there to add insult to my injury by coming P13.
    In case you wondered where I was I was P5 at the pit stop. Rejoined in P20 (as usual) mage it to P17 and got a drive through when I didnt pull over fast enough when P4 lapped me. This meant I was lapped by up to P12. Its a funny feeling when Buemi laps you.
    I nailed Chandok though for P23.
  6. It's game coding. Every single team you go, the team mate will be very bad.
  7. I was in Lotus my 1st season and yeah Trulli didnt even come near a 15th place in the race now im driving for red bull and suddenly see him regularly on 2nd place whaha tho he finishes 10th or sth
  8. Same happened here
  9. When I was with Mclaren for a season, Button was rubbish. I thought he would be much better, he finished way down in the points most of the season.

    I'm now at my second season with Williams and Barrichello is much faster than I thought he would be. He was bad in my first season, but due to the car moving up a tier, he has out qualified me a few times so far. He regularly gets into Q3 and mainly gets between p5 and p10. I'm pleasantly surprised. Go Rubinho!
  10. Yeah, I wish he would do that in real life.
  11. That was me, battled him tooth and nail the first season, 2nd season I look over after start and he hasn't even gotten into his car yet, drives me nuts, qualifies like a bat out of hell, but when it comes to racing he seems to have have forgotten how
  12. I noticed same thing, but no in my current season in career. I went to Red Bull Racing, and I've done 5 races. In Q there is always P1-P2 for team with me ahead of Vettel (only Barcelona was different, I got P4 with Primes, Vettel got pole). In races it's similar. I have: 4x P1, 1x P2. Vettel: 1x P1. 3x P2 1x P8 (wrong strategy in race) Also when I was driving for McLaren, 3 first races was always me P1 and Button P2, but after Malaysia he was always finishing at the end. Alonso was week too when I was in Ferrari. But I had modded game here, then, after reinstall of game I have good battles with my teammate.

    Maybe you are right... Maybe your teammate is slower than he should be. I have to notice one more thing - in contract my teammate should be Mark Webber, not Vettel... Don't know how. In my contract there is "teammate: Mark Webber", but in fact Vettel is on grid. Maybe driver who is in contract is slower than he should be? In my game Vettel isn't there so he is driving as fast as he can.
  13. How do you modded the game to make the teammate stronger?
  14. Not sure about the teammates aspect, but you can modify the driver's attributes in your database file. They are not my teammates, but I recently made minor tweaks to Vettel, Schumacher and Massa to make them a little better than how they performed in a previous season and so far so good.
  15. Thanks. I know about the DB modifications (I made them with Ryder Database Editor). I've fought it is some way to improve your teammate.
  16. I mean that on CLEAN game my teammate is strong. On TrueAI mod 1.4 they were really bad. I tried to edit Alonso skill while driving Ferrari to unbelieveable level, set his "lucky day chance" to 100% but it did nothing for sure.