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Talent/Driver Info

Discussion in 'RACE 07 Mods' started by Jarrod Crossley, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. Ever want to have your information attached to your skin, Ever wanted to list your achievements within Race 07.

    Ever wanted this:


    Well now you can, With a little help:

    Naviagte your way to ..Programfiles/Steam/SteamApps/"Username"race 07

    Now if you haven't allreay got a "Gamedata" file make one. Once you have made or found your way to the "Gamedata" file open the file and make a new folder and call it "Talent"

    Again enter your "Talent" Folder and make a txt. and fill in with the following:

    Jarrod Crossley //  Profile Name Here (can Alter)
     //Driver Info
     Abbreviation=J.Crossley // Abbreviation of name (can alter)
     Nationality=British   // (Can Alter)
     NatAbbrev=GB        //(Can Alter)
     DateOfBirth=03.09.1970        //(Can alter)
    // Career Highlights (can alter) 
    // (Dont alter below unless you know what your doing)
     //Driver Stats
     StartsDry=3                      //Average number of drivers passed during start (-4 - 4)
     StartStalls=0.0                       //% of starts where driver stalled
     QualifyingAbility=5.00          //Average qualifying position NOTE: keep GT between 1 -15
     RaceAbility=0.2                //Range 0 - 6.2 (0 is best)
     RainAbility=1.5                  //Range 0 - 6.2 (0 is best)
     Passing=100.0                     //% of times driver completed a successfull pass, not including pit stops or lapped traffic
     Crash=0                         //% of times driver crashed
     Recovery=100                      //% of times driver continued after a crash
     // Increase attempted low-speed cornering by adding a minimum onto calculated speed.
     // Reduce attempted high-speed cornering by multiplying speed by a number less than 1.0.
     // <adjusted speed> = CorneringAdd + (CorneringMult * <original speed>)
    //AI Throttle Control - how good they are at their own traction control upon throttle application
    TCGripThreshold=0.7   // Range: 0.0-1.0
    TCThrottleFract=1.2   // Range: 0.0-???
    TCResponse=0.0        // Range: 0.0-???
    //AI skill mistake variables
    MinRacingSkill = 1.00
    Composure = 0.010
    //AI ColdBrain variables
    and save the txt file as a RCD file instead and name the same as your profile name (e.g: Jarrod Crossley.RCD)

    Now when you go to your skin and click the little Driver info button you'll have a picture like mine.
  2. wow thank you verry much for find that out ;)
    will do it with my next skin
  3. Well, maybe when I actually achieve somthing. :D

    Good post Jarrod, very helpful info here. :thumb:
  4. He nice one m8... :) must be helpfull :)
  5. Nifty --- thanks.:)
  6. Hi,
    Thanks for sharing. Does this only apply WTCC 2006 - 2007 or does this apply to all classes?