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T500RS Question.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by hell_storm2004, Nov 29, 2016.

  1. Hello Everyone,

    Back playing F1 again after a long time. And this time i want to do it right. So i finally decided to get me a new wheel. Now specification wise, T500RS looks a very good option, considering the T300RS Alacantara edition is only $50 less here in the US. I am leaning towards T500 just because of the pro pedal set. Looks to be a better option. But then i got me an XBox One S this thanksgiving. So i have to take into consideration multi-platform support. as well. With the T300RS, i can just get another servo base and start playing.

    So i have three options lined up for me:
    1. Get the T500RS and stick to racing games on the PS4! Although full PS4 support is a bit dodgy.
    2. Get the T300RS Alacantara edition, or the new T300RS GT edition.
    3. Buy everything separate. PS4 Servo base, Pro Pedal set, and the Alacantara wheel. Might cost a wee bit more, but would serve most of my needs.

    Oh i do plan to get the TH8A shifter as well.
  2. ouvert


    General consensus about TM wheels: T300 is better than T500 ... less powerfull (yet powerfull enough) but more detailed

    Rather save those few bucks and get Pro pedals and later if you are short on money get whatever rim you want .. alcantera edition feels good and bigger size is also nice in hands.
    TH8A is great with only one downside (you have to unscreew 4 screws to swich it to sequential mode .. no biggie but it might be annoying for you)

    Good thing is if you wanna switch to simracing, everything works on PC :)
  3. Ah PC gaming, i have given up on that platform for a while. Most of my gaming is currently on consoles. Got tired of newer tech and upgrading every year. Miss it a lot though! I cant even tell the latest Intel processor anymore! Getting old! :p

    Money is not an issue. So that is why i was considering buying everything separate.

    Just checked Amazon, looks like the prices dropped drastically. Option #3, only comes $376 (without the shifter). Alacantara edition set is $459! :)
  4. ouvert


    that T300/TX base, Alcantera rim, TH8A, T3PA Pro will certainly make you happy racer :)

    on PC you just get solid base setup and than get new graphic card every few years ... not that bad
  5. Awesome! Thanks. Pulling the trigger. Just wanted to squeeze in another question, without creating a new thread...

    Any suggestions for a good racing wheel stand?