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T500RS Pedals Only Partially Recognized

Discussion in 'Project CARS' started by cthiggin, May 7, 2015.

  1. Hi folks,
    WELL, pCars is here...........and I do know it will be a learning experience......
    Took me quiet a few hours to sort out AC, but get around that sim well now.

    OK - I went through the Options area, have NOT made any changes as I still don't
    know what they actually do right now.

    MY Problem: I bring up T500RS Wheel, calibrate the wheel............then I do the "start" with calibrating pedals............clutch works fine..........Brake pedal is recognized as "throttle" and goes to about 75% - the Throttle pedal is NOT recognized at all.
    I tried the "Other" wheel and calibrated and then other pedals, calibrated and same thing is happening.
    I know the pedals work fine as the work great and proper in AC.

    When I'm finished, and look at configuration, it appears to be for "KEYBOARD" playing.

    Friend, what am I missing here???

    Thank you,

  2. Kurupt CDN

    Kurupt CDN
    Touring car fanatic Premium

    Try mapping your pedals in the configuration menu than try the calibrate.....if that doesn't work exit the game unplug your pedals, plug back in and reboot your pc
  3. Thank You,
    I'll try tomorrow evening report back.
  4. The pedals worked fine for me using the t500rs separate pedals configuration.
    Maybe you picked combined pedals?
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  5. Mattiasjp,
    I sure DID pick combined pedals..............I didn't even see a "separate pedals configuration" -
    Is it in the same area as all of the other wheels???
    I did try to edit configuration page, and as stated, it looked like it was for a mouse keypad setup...
    I cursored "over" Wheel, moved my wheel and nothing happened.

    I will sure look at the "separate pedals configuration" late this afternoon and report back.

    Thanks so much................I'm not wanting a "lot of help", but just to be able to drive and learn pCars like I did AC and with a lot of reading and searching also.

  6. Yes, there are two nearly identical t500rs configurations with the slight diffrence of combined pedal and separate pedal. They are right after each other in the settings.
  7. If you are having this calibration issue, the solution is very simple: Before starting pCARS go into the Thrustmaster control panel screen and press each pedal fully.

    I've had the exact behaviour you are stating various times when starting pCARS before remembering to press the pedals, easy fix.
  8. Peter Hartz

    Peter Hartz

    the calibration issue for me.:
    ingame it says turn the wheel to either the full left OR right position.
    i did that. it was crap. so i did it again.
    this time i turned the wheel fully left AND fully right and then set it back to the middle position and presst next(and save). worked like a charm.

    ps.: i set the ffb force to 50

    other than that here is a guide. sadly its in german but it might help some people.
  9. Hi folks,
    Thanks to all of you for your help.
    I was able to get the T500 AND Pedals up and running by going to the "Separate" choice which I had missed.
    STILL a long ways to go...........so different than AC setup............reading all I can.....KNOW it will come, but with time.

    Many blessing to you all.