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T500 or TX my upgrade dillema

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by j6m6w6, Jun 1, 2014.

  1. I'm looking to upgrade from my g27, I just built a new PC for sim racing but also have ps3. But honestly don't see myself playing gt6 that much anymore! So my question is, TX with gte rim and my nixim V2 g27 pedals, or the t500 and it's stock pedals. I've read that a lot of people like the tx over the t500 for the smooth ffb, but what about the pedals? I do like the nixim modded brake on my g27 pedals. Thanks for any input!
  2. Can't help you that much, since I have only tried the T500RS for a short period and haven't tried the TX at all, but this is my short experience:

    The T500RS wheel is a major improvement over the G27 wheel, however the paddle placement may be annoying, in this regard the GTE wheel would be better. Next to that I have also heard that the TX wheel is smoother and quicker than the T500RS.

    The pedals of the T500 actually disappointed me a lot. I also use a nixim V2 brake mod and the t500 pedals felt really weak. It was hard for me to estimate how hard I was braking, since i really had to brake by distance instead of pressure. For the time being I decided that the T500rs isn't worth it for me, but when upgrading in the future i'm doubting between the same options. I think I would rather take the TX + GTE wheel and buy a bodnar cable for the G27 pedals, maybe hard mount them on some sort of frame.

    Ofcourse this is only my short experience with the T500RS, hope you can benefit from it and hope that others can give more info.

  3. Have you tried the basher brake mod for the T500 pedals? Makes a world of difference.

  4. http://www.racedepartment.com/forum...heel-ferrari-458-italia-edition-review.80000/
  5. Peter

    who cares Premium

    I have the t500 and TX, I would say buy the t500 and use your own g27 pedals.
    I prefer the t500 and the TX is not faster.
  6. I have both also.

    Opinions vary.
  7. Thanks for the replies! I have an option to by a used t500 for around $400. But am weary to buy used.
  8. I actually much prefer the 30cm GT rim to the 28cm GTE rim on my T500RS, it's slightly lighter (1.1kg versus 1.25kg or so) and you get slightly clearer subtle effects. And the T500RS fixed paddles are huge so you can easily hit them for well over 95% of shifts.

    In the end it's a trade off between PS3 (and future PS4) compatibility versus XBox One, larger rim, fixed versus moving paddles. Personally I didn't want to rule out the PS4 (for which as of today only the Thrustmaster T80 and T500RS drivers are confirmed present and functional), so I went T500RS for PS3/GT6 and the future.... [[[But I kept my G25 and my Fanatec GT2/CSP, and use my G25 still in my PC rig, so I'm definitely hedging my bets :)]]]

    P.S. You don't mention a G27 pedal USB converter. But I assume that's in the TX budget?
  9. I bought a T500 and TX so that I would have PS3/PS4/XBO/PC compatibility. That being said, both are very good wheels but I still prefer the TX with GTE rim over the T500 with GT rim.
  10. Thanks for all the input! I think I'm going with the t500 the keep my ps3-4 compatibility. Maybe I'll look into a load cell mod for which pedals I like better.
  11. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    I thought the TX was PS3 compatible ? I heard it might come to PS4 as well if not already ?
  12. Unfortunately not Mark. The T500 is confirmed to be compatible with the PS3 and PS4.
  13. Mark Reynolds

    Mark Reynolds
    Physics & AI Programmer

    Pretty sure I read somewhere recently the PS4 "may" become possible soon, but that was a while back, couple months back in fact, I see no technical reason other than some sort of deal they might have done with Microsoft for exclusivity or something.....guess we will have to wait and see.
  14. Technically you're probably right however my best guess would be that the TX stock rim has Xbox One buttons not PS4 buttons. You could argue that the T500 could have been technically possible on the Xbox 360 or One also but 4 years after the T500 has been out, it is still not compatible with any Xbox. Thrustmaster has two new wheels for the PS4, the T80 and T100, so they clearly had the opportunity to bring the TX to PS4 if they wanted. I'm sure MS licensing prevented it.
  15. Xbox peripherals reqiure a security chip and xbox 360 is also using the XID USB interface. Haven´t read up on the Xbox One if they are still using the XID but I suppose they do? So it´s not like with PC/PS 3 which run the same.

    As for buttons I don´t see how that could be a problem. I was running aftermarket rims with no buttons in GT5/6 without issues on my T500RS. Gamepad on the side works just fine console racers is generally not button pushers then I have the F1 rim for that.

    I haven´t even tried the TX with F1 rim on the PS 3 yet but the only reason for this not to work is not hardware I would imagine. Software side on Thrustmaster or the developers side of things for whatever reason.
  16. Its not about having aftermarket rims. Its about what ships with the wheel from the factory. I'm fully aware that you can change rims and still maintain functionality, my point was that Thrustmaster isn't going to ship a T500 wheel with the stock GT rim which has PS buttons on it and make it Xbox compatible. And the same goes in reverse with the TX, they won't ship that wheel with the 458 Italia rim with Xbox buttons and make it compatible with the PS. Very very unlikey. It would be nice however if Thrustmaster created interchangeable rims for each of those wheels and also making them cross platform compatible but that's pretty much what we've all asked for and haven't gotten yet.

    I agree that this is a software issue, because the proper drivers aren't developed for those competing platforms, but do you honestly think its becaue they can't do it or because they simply aren't going to due to competing console licensing and branding which ties back to the stock rims they ship with and having buttons specific for those consoles instead of generic buttons that could have been cross platform agnostic.
  17. Not sure what you are asking.We can only speculate what deal Thrustmaster got with Microsoft for getting the license for Xbox One and weither they want to continue to market the T500RS for Playstation and TX for Xbox One. They couldn´t make the T500RS compatible with Xbox 360 because of the security chip required and need to support XID interface it would require a new base.

    PS 3 and what I read about the PS 4 is not locked out like that and use the same interface as on PC so they could make whatever rim on earth work on the TX or T500RS if they just develope drivers for it.
  18. Any they won't. They already have a T80, T100 and T500 compatible with the PS3 and PS4.
  19. It looks like a new PS4 Thrustmaster option will be announced at E3 next week. Of course, Thrustmaster often announce wheels 6+ months before they are actually in shops, so if you are buying now it'll be irrelevant to the choice :)


    Not sure if it's a wheel in the class of the TX for PS4, or a direct T500RS replacement. I'm hoping for a PS4 rim for my T500RS but that's probably overly optimistic :)