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Superkarts in next Game Stock Car Extreme update.

Discussion in 'Stock Car Extreme' started by Steve Bird, May 20, 2015.

  1. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium Member

    It looks pretty damn good too.

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  2. Thank you Reiza! You are all simply amazing!
  3. Holy smokes that kart is fast! Is it faster than, say, a Mini or Marcas?

    That track is fantastic, of course.

    Reiza is just awesome.
  4. Yes, quicker, and amazing acceleration, it would leave the Mini or Marcas standing :)
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  5. hex


    Here's some good 250cc action at Bugatti Le Mans (first lap and then Safety Car 'til some 10 minute mark)

  6. xnorb

    Premium Member

    Those things are scary as hell.
  7. Andrew Harper

    Andrew Harper
    Premium Member

    Managed to find some time earlier in the year to try a 125, 6 speed version. It was at Darley Moor. Still very quick but kept forgetting which stupid gear I was in, and does take some getting used to.

    Where's my SLI dash when I need it :laugh:

    Oddly I thought I would be a least a little bit scared by the thing but no it was just very very fast and great fun, haha. Not sure but I guess I was doing almost 100mph flat out. No speedo though obviously.

    Mind you on the limit in one of these things would have been something else, I was just taking it easy. Some poor guy ended up in hospital after clipping a kerb earlier in the day. The lack of suspension just launched the kart through the air and he went in one direction and the kart in another. He was ok I'm glad to say, just badly shaken up.

    When you see a kart come back as bent as that most of us decided just to be a bit more cautious!

    Having said that though I must be nuts because I've got my eye on one for sale at the moment...
  8. Melv

    Premium Member

    This looks and sounds amazing. Sounds better than current F1 cars :)
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