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Porsche Posse (LIVE)

Misc Super extreme AI 1.4.5

AI More competitive 1.2

  1. Rafael467 submitted a new resource:

    Super extreme AI - AI More competitive 1.2

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  2. Rafael467 updated Super extreme AI with a new update entry:

    legendary Extreme Super AI

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  3. thanks:) brutal version? :O i want that :D
  4. Graham Laing

    Graham Laing
    ...... mostly harmless Staff

    OK please stick to one mod in one thread, don't release as a new mod at every update. Just update the one thread with the new update and additions.

    This not only keeps things in one place, is also means that those people who downloaded an earlier version get an automatic notification, telling them that your mod has been updated.

    All you have to do is upload a new archive, with it's new folders inside, like your planned 'super brutal AI' addition, edit the version number, and describe what has changed. ...... job done

    There is a sticky thread explaining how this all works here :-


    So please keep this thread up to date with new updates as required. Your first release thread is locked and will be removed.

    Cheers :)
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2014
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  5. what is the difference between Super and Legendary?
  6. Legendary: 1,22.000
    Super: 1,23.500
  7. Can I use this mod for F1 2014?