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Mods SUBARU IMPREZA WRC 2001, "cusco" BY XYLO 1.2


  1. Hi,Xylo! This is very good skin! But this skin is one funny point.
    DUNLOP and ADVAN are two different tire manufacturers.
  2. You're right, my mistake. This happened because the car had a logo Advan sometimes and sometimes Dunlop. I had a picture in front of Dunlop Aside from Advan. In the end, I messed it is not thinking about that either one or the other. I can fix this without any problem if it bothers you. I do not have a logo fortitude, I can not find it. Besides, it's still not a real skin model WRC. This Subaru JGTC. This does not change the fact that this is just a game and pretty skin. I would not do some of this holiness, without exaggeration.
  3. Can you tell me which livary this replaces in game please

    Edit: I got it sorry for stupid question
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2016
  4. add to Livery_44
  5. it doesnt show up in my liveries... am i doing something wrong?