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Stuttering + graphic settings

Discussion in 'RaceRoom Racing Experience' started by Cedric Germain, May 4, 2016.

  1. Cedric Germain

    Cedric Germain

    Hi all,

    I bought the game recently and installed the WTCC 2015 pack.

    I made some test and I noticed that I have stutters in cockpit view. In external view, the stutters are not noticable. Is there something to do to solve it?

    Moreover concerning the graphic settings, is it better to set it from the graphic card control panel or ingame (AA, AF, FXAA)?

    Because at hte moment, I havve to say that the game in worse as Race 07 regarding graphics by me!

    I have a GTX 780

    Thank you!
  2. Nino Scholz

    Nino Scholz

    There is a discussion on the S3 forum about this as well. For myself and a couple other guys, it actually turned out our motherboards were causing this issue. In my case, i swapped out my mobo for other reasons, with all other hardware being the same, and fired up R3E right away. Instantly I noticed the stuttering I was getting before in Shanghai and then Sonoma was gone.

    Why I have no idea, did not expect any sort of bug fix or performance increase from mobo swap, but it did fix the issue. When i saw another guy experienced the same thing, that just confirmed it.

    It's likely your's is probably some thing else, but if all else fails.....

    I'm currently on a an MSI Z87 MPOWER MAX
    The one that gave me stuttering was a gigabyte Z97X-SOC
  3. Daniel Kis

    Daniel Kis

    Hello. Try this

    Just go to the nvidia control panel and find the Pre rendered frames. If u find it change it to 1.
    It works for me I just tried it 1 hours ago casue i have the same problem as you.
    I hope it works for you too!
  4. Cedric Germain

    Cedric Germain

    Thanks mates, I will try it.