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Strange AI times in Hungary?

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Jan Köhler, Nov 11, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow racers!

    I'm still in my first career season, driving for Team Lotus (no assists, long weekends, 50% Race length, Professional AI). These settings were quite challenging for me, I managed to reach most objectives. On most tracks, I am 1-1.5 seconds faster per lap than Trulli (my team mate), so I guess once I am in a competetive car, I'll change the AI difficulty to Legend.
    On some tracks though, the AI is pretty slow/careful (nothing new, I know), namely Monaco and Valencia (and Singapore, I guess - haven't driven there yet).
    But I just arrived at the Hungaroring and during P1 I was able to post lap times just barely a second slower than the Tier 1 teams without even using the Option tyres.. I am around 4 seconds faster than Trulli. It's easier than on the street circuits for me.
    Hungary is a track I like and know quite well, but it can't be that well. The fastest AI times I've seen in P1 are high 1:20, low 1:21 - are you getting roughly the same times? I modded my database file (before starting the season!), so I don't know if I messed something up. But it seems strange to only occur on one track, I think I only modded "overall" values.

    Additional notes: I never used springs higher than 7/7, and times were not simulated, I didn't crash or accelerate time or use "back to garage" or "flying lap".
  2. I'm on my first season too, and i'm using the same AI setup driving for Virgin. I'm having a similar issue on the Korean Gp, for some reason my humble Virgin car is able to keep up with the best teams whereas on most other tracks i'm 3-4 secs behind.
  3. AI are a bit slow at Hungary anyway, but I did have one issue where I had to restart a session because the AI times were way slower than they should have been...kinda like the difficulty had shifted accidentally. Could try that
  4. dude Hungary is easy to get Pole in LEGEND AI. :S. practice practice practice man. + Hungary is y fav track, just run a good hi well balance downforce and just know the corners...sort of like a Monaco.
  5. It is not my goal to get Pole Position in a Lotus in my first season.. And yeah, I have a quite nice setup.
    My point is that the AI is really slow compared to the other tracks (even slower than @ Monaco), based on my performance.