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Apps stracker 3.3.5

server side statistics tracker, ptracker's "sister app", HTTP output

  1. Neys submitted a new resource:

    stracker - server side app for tracking laps and sessions, ptracker "sister app"

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  2. Neys updated stracker with a new update entry:

    Experimental version introducing many new features

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  3. were the installation instructions, i dont se and find it???
  4. See file README.txt in .zip file; if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask them here!
  5. http server for statistics access dont work for me... always:
    Error: 404 Not Found
    Sorry, the requested URL 'http://84.114.***.***:50041/' caused an error:
    Not found: '/'
  6. thx now it works...
  7. yesterday i tested with 4 friends again the strack-ptracker system - looks good but only for one drive you also can see the spilt times in the hud and on the webinterface... other 4 drivers where valid but no splits where shown...
    Last edited: Nov 8, 2014
  8. Please check in FAQ section: you need a valid lap in single player mode to get working splits.
  9. Neys updated stracker with a new update entry:

    experimental version: 2.4.3

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  10. really great work the new update !! another small problem, when i drive with 4 friends on friend is valid at the begin off the session, but when we drive some minutes he gets unknown... then you see no splits for him and no topspeed in the big hud, also on the webfrontend, you see only his name and the lapttime, but no other infos like spits und drivingaids activated
  11. This seems to be a bug; probably the connection to stracker was lost for your friend. It would be nice, if you could post both stracker.log from the server and py_log.txt (from [user documents]/Assetto Corsa/logs) of the problematic client after this showed up again. Note: Probably your friend can see the green "C" (connected) switching to grey "D" (disconnected).
  12. ok, we will test again this evening and i give you the logs, where do i see the "C" ore "D"..
  13. It's in ptracker's "hotlap line".