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Helmets Stoffel Vandoorne helmet 2.0

Not 100% correct, but i tried my best.

  1. Dimitar Vitanov submitted a new resource:

    Stoffel Vandoorne helmet - Not 100% correct, but i tried my best.

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  2. can u make it alonso plz
  3. Yes, i can. I will update it now. :)
  4. plz wehlien to replace rosberg
  5. I thin you want me to make the helmets from season 2 of MyDriver from aarava ?? :D
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  6. yeah mate im made a mod for drivers and ur helmets are so good i thought u could do them :):););)
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  7. Do you want the helmets to be exactly like aarav's ones?
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  8. if its not to hard