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STCC 6-Speed Bimmers

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Rhys Gardiner, Feb 10, 2009.

  1. Okay... really noobish question from me. I was just looking through the Racing Club Chatbox and I noticed some talk of the 6-speed BMWs in STCC - The Game. It would appear that the 6-speeders can be driven in this game (I thought that Simbin couldn't get them in), but I don't know where I can find them in the STCC class. It's just that I took an STCC E90 out on Mantorp recently and it only had 5 gears...?

    Can someone please tell me where in the STCC class I can find these 6-speed BMWs?

    Rhys :D
  2. I think it is only the last Beemer in the car list...not sure of the drivers name...White Beemer..
  3. Rhys, the E90's of Rosenblad, and Nillson are 6 speed gear boxes.
  4. Yay! I'll be sure to try them out when my brother decides to get off our main computer... :curse: :rotfl:
    Thanks both of you! :thumb:
  5. I think one of the Flash cars uses a 6 speed and the last one as someone says

    Makes a bit of difference, just measn you spin later in the rev range really!
  6. Amazing. I wouldn't touch the 5-speed when I got Race 07, but these 6-speeders are the first BMW S2000 cars I've actually enjoyed driving... :bulgy-eyes:
  7. I cant remember which one of the BMW E90's it is... But its a bit heaviere than the 5speed E90... I cant feel any difference. :) nice cars both of them ...