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Startup GTR Evo video disappeared?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Lee Downham, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. I am fairly certain that the first time I fired up GTR Evo, I got an all new, GTR Evo startup video ... but now when I fire it up, I get the old WTCC one (and yeah I am starting GTR Evolution not Race 07 - get the splash screen and red interface not the blue one) ...

    Anyone else got this, or know how I get to see the other one (in my impatience to test GTR Evo out, I just escaped out of it :doh:)?
  2. Yep, it seems random, sometimes I get Race07 sometimes GTR EVO!
  3. I turned off the intro videos to create a faster startup... but did notice that it was random what video you got... never had the R07 interface since Evo release tho...

    Do you launch from within Steam or from a desktop icon?

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  4. in the above attached files, if you just want to see the Evo intro and kill off the R07 one and or Simbin one, then install one the files that match the ones you don't want to see...
  5. ... thanks for the replies ... and it doesn't matter where I launch it from (steam or shortcut) I always seem to get the Race video :der:
  6. I know this doesn't help your problem but you didn't miss much. There wasn't much of a video anyway..............................rather boring!
  7. The movie is really short indeed and there's not much going on in it.. but I for myself still prefer it over the Race07 intro as the new one fits perfectly with the new interface and background music. ..actually I never really liked the old music in race07, it was pretty annoying imo - but the one from Evo really pleases my ears and it's quite calming.

    Thus far out of 10 starts of GTR Evo, about 2 times the new intro movie was shown.. pretty random in favor of Race07 ;)