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Starting with engine off

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by tmansteve, Jul 19, 2011.

  1. Hi all

    I'm not sure if this is possible but can you start in the garage with engine off to make it feel more real or can you start the race with engines off for a standing start? Would be great as this would create a great feel.

  2. There is no setting I'm aware of, but play with engine file, starting time, idle rpm and idle throttle together with torque and engine braking curves should able to provide that, in my Kantti mod LVL3 kantti tries to start at garage but fails, you have to hold starter bit longer and give bit of throttle to make it start, however I'm not entirely sure why that happens as it is so long since I made it, but it is really nice, even it is really a bug in engine file.
    Sometimes it is possible to go around of problem to get desired function, don't know if it is really suitable solution to your situation.
  3. Do you really want that? It would mean everyone would have to map ignition and starter to somewhere. Also it wouldn't be realistic at the formation lap/ start as in semi pro championships and up, you would have a team start the engine to run some diagnostics before leaving the track.
  4. Thanks for your thoughts. After doing the warmup lap I realise it would be stupid. The only thing I was thinking of was the old style racing, getting into the cars, starting them and racing off like mad.
  5. like the old Le Mans series? Classic days to be sure, but the flag had already dropped before they could start the car, maybe that would be an idea?
  6. Yes, that's what i meant. If you had a classic mod and older le mans that would be good.