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Stage Time Records

Discussion in 'Richard Burns Rally' started by Jay Sierra, Aug 17, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    i was just wondering what is your stage records for unmodded RBR game. i have beaten all great britain stages records. (i only play great britain and autralia track using subaru 2003) i just like to compare my times to all of you RBR fans out there.

    pls dont look at it as an arrogant post i just like to know if im a bad driver or a fine one :D thanks
  2. Best way to check if you're good or bad is to join us in the rally club! :rally: :D

    I really haven't played the unmodded game much, passed the rally school, and that's about it. I found the guys doing online rallies here, and joined them.
  3. I can't remember all of them but i know Falstone was about 3:50ish

    But i agree with Senad, join in the club rallies and the championship. You get fast no matter what, i've blown that time away after driving with these guys.
  4. I totally agree with Senad and Rick, come join our Rally Club. We have a lot of fun and laughs, and we have drivers of all skills joining Rally's every week.
    I can't really tell you my Stage Records with the base RBR, I rarely drive it, I spend all of my time with the RSRBR2010 Mod in our Club Rallys.

    Personally, I have found that since running with the Rally Club members, my driving has improved greatly, but I don't concentrate on individual hot lap style times. To me, true Rally driving is joining a Rally and having the pressure of putting together multiple Stages (usually 8 in the Rally Club) consistently in a one time only environment. Sure, I can run quicker Stage times with lots of restarts over one Stage, but I don't find it realistic.

    So, the best way to see how you compare to us is to come join us. However, as I said, our member times vary greatly in all Rallys, even the fastest members have some struggles at times, that is the true fun of Rallying.

    We'd love to have you join us, and I suspect you would be very competitive.
  5. Next week's rally has 4 Australian stages, and it will be the default RBR Impreza, so you can compare those :)
  6. sounds good. in that case ill go ahead and download all necessary files to join.
  7. I thought you might just check the results, and compare with your offline times, but this is much better. Welcome :)

    Just a heads up, you'll need to fill out the application to become a licensed member: click