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Sports car concept compeition - Rauss Iota-R

Discussion in 'Racer Cars' started by Harey, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. Like I said before my car will be more or less a modification to the Rauss Iota-B

    Somethings to expect is shorter wheelbase bigger engine and overall a car more sporting then its 5 door brother. Pictures at this moment cannot be secured
  2. Man, it seems that the Car spys have caught the new Iota-R in testing, seems all i have to do is drive the thing and someone takes a picture of it...

    Yeah I have been working on this thing, more or less its drivetrain, tweaking it getting it just right next will be tweaking the handling. This thing will more likely be on the lower end for price though.
  3. Very nice, I particularly like the wheels.

    Alex Forbin
  4. And don`t forget to make the steering wheel smaller :). It was huge on the old car :)
  5. The wheels are the same as whats on the Iota-B. they are on there because i haven't made a set of wheels yet... well actually I have I just don't like them., might just need some tweaking to get those how I want though.

    and if this one does get the interior finished it will have a more proportional steering wheel, as the Angstrom (the car your thinking of) did have a huge steering wheel, but that thing I feel like wasn't actually that great.