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Sport Coupe Concept Competition.

Discussion in 'Racer' started by Raphael Buthmann, Mar 17, 2011.

  1. Rules :

    -Unlimited numbers of doors.
    -Minimum of 200 HP and maximum of 550 hp.
    -Maximum lenght : 5.2 M
    -Any type of engine modifications without getting out the power specifications.
    -Prices between U$$ 35.000,00 and U$$ 350.000,00
    -Any type of fuel (gas , etanol , diesel , eletric , hidrogen , etc)
    -CG and Non-cg shaders required.
    -Last racer version compatible.
    -Scripts allowed.
    -Competition ends : 4 months later the beggining.

    Competitors :

    1-Raphael Buthmann

    Competition Ends :

    July 24th
  2. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    I'd be up for that, I coincidently have already drawn a plan for a sport coupe.
  3. ^^ Thanks man , anyone more ? =(
  4. I'm pretty keen.
  5. so let's compete Cam ? lol
  6. Yeah count me in. Got a design in mind.
  7. Hm, Non-Cg shaders...
    On what kind of aspects would you judge the cars ?
    Also, the car could have a 550hp engine & fly away if it weights 500 kg, so you should constrain the car weight to a certain number...

    Was thinking to do aircraft tests with Racer Newton engine lately, idk seems possible....physically talking for sure. :D
  8. I have an super car made by me in another program, and i want it to import in racer for a long time, but i didnt had the motivation. Could this be the time for me to make it happen? :D but it will be very hard.. maybe i will need to make it scratch made for racer ... :(
  9. Yeah you said it !!! :)
    Pain & suffering....
  10. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    It's worth it haha. I just took a picture of my blueprint and re-drew it in Photoshop. It's now quite a bit shorter. It has giant wheel arches for giant wheels, but I think I may have to change that since the engine will be in the rear.. hmm.
  11. About the wheight , we need categories. Coupe cars are a complex and large type of cars , if you want to do a small coupe in the competition you can , or a big car with a big engine , a small car with a charger or turbo you can . ^^

    Let's judge te physics. If they are 'real' and possible , how the car handles and about non-cg shaders , some people don't have access to the latest racer beta , so let's give a chance for them to test and give them opinions about it and vote . :D

    I'll post my car now.
  12. I'll give it a shot, but mine will more so be a major rework to the Iota, can't guarantee I'll even finish. As I'm starting my new job tuesday, and I'll be working 10 hours a day, and well basically I won't have too much time, but I will have some.
  13. So you're in, arent you ?
  14. Yeah but I can't say for sure I'll finish.
  15. I'm gonna give it a try... again^^
    Would be a brialliant comp to get pratice with Blender. And I have some more time now than I had back during the last contest.
    Going to start sketching right today.
  16. 2o6


    Gonna try.

    Not making any promises.
  17. End Date added ^^ Let's start the competition
  18. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    "-Competition ends : 4 months later the beggining."

    I believe you can't count :tongue:
  19. just added 1 day lol.
  20. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    No I mean, March to June, that's 3 months :)

    Either that or I can't count, which is also likely.. :|