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Tracks Spielberg 2.0

Red Bull Ring, Austria

  1. Mitja Bonca submitted a new resource:

    Spielberg - Red Bull Ring, Spielberg, Austria

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  2. Does anyone find the outer curb in the last turn as deadly? Someone stated so, but I just couldn`t find it.
    Please be aware, and let me know about it - and do not forget to attach the image here.
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2015
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  3. So it's out. Good solid first release.

    I didn't notice anything strange in any curbs. I tried to use them agressively, but didn't necessarily cover every inch of them.
    One thing I noticed is that lollipop man is hovering 50cm in the air. At least at first pit counting from the pit exit, I tried the track in practice mode only.

    I guess there's no that high resh physical mesh thingy yet as track is pretty much flat all around.

    Keep up the good work! Thanks!
  4. Rht


    Very nice Mitja, I do love your work mate ...
    I`m still hoping someone makes or converts snetterton 300 for AC .....
  5. can be the grass like this?



  6. Will be. You mean, like on the last bottom image?
  7. Is there anyone that can do a "proper" AI (fastlane and pitlane files)? Would really appreciate it.
  8. yeah tried match images and weather
    plus the terraces are too long way too long
    i matched car illumination so you can compare better the track

  9. i expect noneless then perfection from you ;), sorry man you already proved your valor with grobnik:D
  10. Which terraces you are talking about?
  11. on the right you se the terraces stop before ultimate banner in reality, in your track r far more long
  12. you mean grandstands, maybe that is cause it is a DTM race, maybe a F1 venue would have longer stands
  13. yeah sorry
  14. Today will come a new update, where all that you have stated will be fixed.

    About that grandstand, which you were saying its too long, take a look at here, and you will change your mind (do not forget, the AC track replicates 2015 season - do not look on old pics).

    Last edited: Jun 10, 2015
  15. oh yeah you right :cool:
  16. I am having problems with creating a decent racing line (damn). But I`ll over come eventually :)
    So update is postponed.
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  17. Grooves are done (its like AC quality). :) :)
    ps: proud on my self.
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  18. Mitja Bonca updated Spielberg with a new update entry:

    Spielberg v0.7

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  19. Thank you Mitja! Fantastic work, always appreciated :)
  20. 4000 downloads in 10 days. This must be the record! Thx guys for trusting into my work! I`ll take care of making it even batter! Cheers (this deserves a glass or red wine ;) ).