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Skins Spa_Francorchamps- Belgium Correct Sun 2015-11-08

Correct sun for Spa, to feel more like 1 PM

  1. I have an idea for you, Why dont you put them all in 1 pack instead of uploading it 1 a time? Good mods btw :)
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  2. I will, but I'm just waiting to finish, and I don't want you to wait for that
  3. Well, RD is paying to get mods on the page so thats why i replied with that ;)
  4. Wait! I can get paid?
  5. No, RD needs to pay (because their servers upload the mods)
  6. Oh, ok, I will do the rest of the track together then.
  7. :thumbsup:
  8. Awesome work! :) Could you include some onboard shots in the next one you make?
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  9. I just did for Brazil, and I wish you guys post some, because my game video setting is not that high.
  10. Had to make Brazil alone though, cause I am really busy to complete the rest, and I though everyone will be playing Brazil this week, at least that what I do on race weekends.
  11. Its ok ;) only 1 pff its not 5 new serperate mods