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Spa Practise Race Reports and Incidents.

Discussion in 'Presto GP' started by David Turnbull, Jul 19, 2012.

  1. David Turnbull

    David Turnbull
    PrestoGP Veteran

    how was everyones evening? lol this should be fun.

    qualifying.... 2nd

    so close to gettign reik on this occasion but as usual it wasnt to be, my dislike of him knows no bounds :roflmao:

    race 1 -

    got a slowish start and sean passed me on the run down to eau rouge, from there i struggled to keep up with sean and reik, sean made a mistake at the bustop and thought he was lewis hamilton donuting for the crowd (tip sean... wait till end of the race to thank the fans) so i passed him here and went to the end like this, reik had opened up a 10 second gap by the end, very well done reik.

    race 2 -

    started decent but the pack was closing ahead and i was side by side with sean, i eased off and was hit from behind by kennett causing me suspension damage to my rear right, eau rouge was never going to happen i even dropped to 6th gear to try keep control of the car going through but it was over, i was airbourne and hit a few barriers by the time the damn 1 second escape took me back to pits and by then i think at least 1 or 2 cars had been taken out by my flyign red bull, sorry for that but i was a bystander at that point.

    good races all.
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  2. qualified 6th due to doing my Q lap on softs instead of ss lol

    race 1 went great until t1 and was almost flipped on my side but not to much damage so could continue to come back threw and finnish 7th i think as not wach all replay

    race 2 went swimmingly hee . i was 2nd all the way to end with reik all over my rear looking to pass, i think he let me off easy heeee :) had a small tap in rear but nothing major and ended race rather sweaty but relieved .

    great races and see yous next track
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  3. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    Qualify (1st):

    Was a bit nervous (last super pole was long ago) and made some slight mistakes but ended with a decent 1:41:4xx only 0,073 sec quicker than David in 2nd. I'm very sorry David, I understand your anger. :p

    Race 1 (1st):

    I had a perfect start and could open a gap to Sean quickly. From start to finish it was a nice and smooth sprint run, enjoying some oversteering later in the stint.

    Race 2 (3rd):

    Starting 8th was a tricky task. I decided not to try to earn any position before T1. The guy in fornt started slowly but I calmed down behind. Some guys had trouble in T1 and Eau Rouge so I benefited from "waiting".

    I earned a few positions here and there and wanted to overtake Bob Miley (in 3rd I think) when I completely missjudged the braking point into Rivage. I rushed through on the inside end hit the wall after the gravel zone receiving small susp damage. I'm sorry for frightening Bob but I think I didn't harm him (much). I quickly turned the car and continued with a still good feeling car.

    I only had lost few places and short time later I caught up on Chirlie (2nd) who was chasing Nicolai (1st!). There were still some laps left, so I decided to take it easy before attacking.
    When we arrived at the last chicane, I was still not in attacking distance. I braked on an inside line to have better downforce besides Chirlies slip stream (I hoped). Unfortunately I was a tiny bit too late and had no way to pull out but to brake and hope. But I gave Chirlie a slight tab which nearly caused him to spin. I'm very sorry mate for destroying your fight with Nico. :( I waited untill Chirlie continued and we dind't loose much time but when he spun in the following T1, I still felt guilty so I waited again.

    A few drivers had passed again, some fell back later, I don't really remember it well at the moment. But I remember chasing Chirlie for the rest of the race and that it was good fun. Finally I finished 3rd behind Chirlie and Dino.

    Very well done Dino and Chirlie! ;) :thumbsup:
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  4. Sean Greenlaw

    Sean Greenlaw
    PrestoGP Veteran

    First off grats to Reik David Dino and Chirlie for the wins and podiums and all finishers Spa isnt easy to finish :thumbsup:

    Race 1 i made two small errors and lost place to David 1st and then lost chance of overtaking with 2nd (lol David)

    Race2 The start was abit tricky i had to lift and brake a touch, I think Reik behind me seen this and had to do same maybe abit bunching up at start. I went off on dropped right back when coming back through tried to pass vale outside in blanchimont we were so close to pulling it off side by side but instead we both take off although my car only had suspension damage and felt ok towards end.

    Incidents:race 2 I slight touch car infront at start with it bunching up sos whoever it was i tried to avoid.
    With Vale race 2 blanchimont we touch through turn as we tried to go side by side, Safest way, i should have waited till after blanchimont really to be sure and extra safe sos Vale :)

    Cyas on servers and next practise races thanks Nico David n Rd :thumbsup:
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  5. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    Incidents : this is one thing that must recount at nephews near fireplace :) .....Once upon a time two crazy guys that did Blanchimont at full throttle near near and happened that...... Thanks Sean I saw you park that wait me. at last is " normal" incident race
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  6. Thank you all very much for all the good wishes in the other race thread, it was a pleasure to read that and part of the task that youve given me, Reik, has already been accomplished :D
    Im done now and couldnt be happier because ive reached all my goals.

    Nice to see that you enjoyed the race, just a little info about the race at Watkins Glen GP on July 30th.
    Im a bit confused that Yves Larose the admin who does the racing club hasnt been online since Sunday, however from my side everything is organized and Im sure that the event thread will be open soon, hes probably just on vacation and enjoying a bit of sun :)
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  7. LOL That was me. Not frightened at all. It was actually quite entertaining watching you go flying past me and off the track :p Not something you see every day!!!!!

    Race 1: Qual in 8th, got tapped off the track in T1, waited for the field to pass. Finished the race in 7th without incident.

    Race 2: Reverse grid put me starting in 2nd which I held for 3-4 laps. Charlie passed me after Eau Rouge lap 4-5 then Reik provided his on/off track entertainment at Rivage. Next time around I approached T1 in 3rd with 6 sec lead on 4th and while I was thinking "Hey this isn't too bad", I forgot to brake for T1 and smacked the wall...damage is not repairable :rolleyes: LOL.
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  8. Dino Paolini

    Dino Paolini

    I think Yves has some major pc probs atm. He retired from Virtual V8 SC just now because of that. Maybe you should contact other staff for the upcoming event too,
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  9. Reik Major

    Reik Major

    LOL too much Bobs around here :p I'm glad you enjoyed the show. The intention was to do so only in a practice race :whistling:
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  10. Will be fun when Bob Laube returns, then we'll have 3xBob :) I'll only say, Bob's your uncle ;)
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  11. Yup and his position is open in the Racing Club staff..
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  12. Thanks to Sean for the setup and video I managed to find nearly 2 seconds a lap on my best and really enjoyed these races. Managed to keep it pretty consistent with 1 off in race 2, but that was when the wife brought me a drink so excuse enough. More practice should see a slight improvement and more enjoyment so things are looking up.
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  13. Well managed to finish both races to many mistakes tho. Thanks to everyone for a Great race can't wait til next time.
  14. I almost missed your information, thx Dino and Kennett, that sucks, hope Yves is back soon.