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Sound Echoes like in a tunnel

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by funkygib, Dec 23, 2010.

  1. Just installed F1 on a new PC, I had Rapture as an option in the audio settings after the install and application of patch. Then after restarting game I can no longer select Rapture in the audio menu and the sound is awful, like i'm in a tunnel everywhere. I have followed the suggestions in the readme, was hoping someone has worked it out.
  2. first time i have come across this.. do a reinstall of the patch again..
  3. Go to the game follder in documents\my games\formula one\hardware setting's open a file called hardware_settings_config find this line

    <audio mixing="software" reverbs="4" voices="100" /> and replace software with rapture (it may be a capital R if it does not work first time) and that should fix it, Make sure Blue Ripple Sound installed as well as that is rapture it should be in your start menu program's.
  4. wow david.. u worked for CM by any chance??
  5. No, how dare you lol :D I just open what files I can and see waht is happening but to tell you the truth I reckon I could learn Mandarin quicker than work out CM's code, most references make no sense what so ever but that is to keep people (modder's) like me out, Yeah right, better luck next time CM muwhahahaha :D
  6. haha.. their xml formatting is awesome.. :tongue:
    ok so tell me how to add pit girls to the track before race start..
  7. Grid Girl's mate I used to date one she was a GG for the BTCC and also a beautician grrrrr was with her for nearly 2 year's but very high maintenance cost me a fortune but worth every penny I must say. If you wana add em 'good luck with that then' ! :D
  8. :damnit: ... forget putting grid girls.. im now gonna try and invent a time machine and switch places wit you..
  9. After the two years are up mate you wont wish it lol she still kept coming around for money with big men, she would say 'Be reasonable Dave' I'd say 'I am being reasonable, he is still standing' at which point she would usher him out very quickly and leave :D
  10. must have been quite heavy..
  11. Yeah I reckon so when they that size they usually make a nice thud as they hit the ground :D A pain in the arse to drag away from CCTV though I can tell ya !
  12. nothing the hairy side of the hand wouldnt have sorted out .......joke
  13. BTCC grid girl! Wow, lucky sod.

    Did she work for any inparticular driver/team?

    I got a photo once of a Fosters grid girl at the british GP, was just coincedental that she was walking below me into a tunnel with a very low cut top on when i took the snap.
  14. Yeah I forget his name though some millionaire who drove/drive's (still I think) independently i.e he pays for everything but rent's his car apparently ? Weekend racer he is/was. Now you have me thinking what was his name he drove for NUT's magazine once as a test driver for them to review car's. I remember he was only ever referenced to by his stupid nick name never knew his real name, tried to cause me some trouble regarding her (Katy) soon stopped after threats of violence and that his money meant nothing to me and my hand's.
  15. Your not talking about David Pinkney are you?
  16. Lol no does not ring a bell but that name, he should use depol (change name) :D I bet he had a hard time at school !
  17. Hes been racing for years and he always races in a partially pink livery :)

    My god, im gonna get the sack at this rate, not been on anything but forums this morning!
  18. David Pinkney... nice name..
    @chris - any chance you have that snap that you grabbed ;p