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Somebody knows when will be available new Racer version 0.8.9?

Discussion in 'Racer' started by dangar, Apr 21, 2010.

  1. There is a lot of new capabiliies (crash sounds, advanced shadows, etc.) that we would like to try...

  2. That is up to Ruud ... with patience comes great reward !
  3. I don't mind waiting a year, as long as it comes good! ;)
  4. I'd like to think that 089 is going to be a mega release for us all to test and pick fault with, so that Ruud can fix all the problems, and make 090 a final version for general release. What're the chances..?
  5. Well, maybe not a mega release, but we sure have a lot of work to keep the documentation up to date. ;)
  6. Sounds promising. but the song remains the same.. is in non-cg compatible?
  7. Chance of 090 being final...

    Slim to none!

    No offense intended, Ruud.
  8. I'd love to have some features finalised.

    pitch_factor working for sound samples. This hasn't worked since day one of the new audio, so a 7 year bug?

    There are a few more that would be cool to have sorted. I can kinda live with bugs, the problem is when they appear/disappear/change with every new revision which we might get often, which is the big problem we have had for so long which has hurt so much old content. What worked fine is now totally broken in so many ways.

    Stability will be king for any further release. I've pretty much stopped development on all my Racer content now, since every time Ruud does a new release these last 6 months or so everything I have spent hours on just breaks :D

    Such is life, not a problem, but stability will bring about new quality content. This constant change feels great, but no one is just enjoying quality content in Racer... last time we had that was when Speedest 3 came out set up for the old gfx system, the DB9 and F430 etc...

  9. *digging out some old saying...*

    When Duke Nukem Forever goes Gold!!!!!!!! :rolleyes:

    I wish we had several features, e.g. like a better limiter sound support (special limiter like smp sections, currently It's just half assed to do this, unless I missed the holy grail).


    a way to overwrite certain values when certain things happen - e.g in aero section something like

        somedragvalue= 0.31
            //maybe something like "percentage" optionally?
            somedragvalue= 0.39
    And yup it would have it's uses for aero section, wheel (brake) section. E.g. the Mc Laren F1 highers it's drag by popping up a wing and a the same time opens some cooling intakes which are used to cool the brakes while braking.

    I mean you could even simulate ram-air intakes with it in the engine section if one would plan such a feature good enough to be versatile like this (something like basic scripting just more... dumb).
  10. i hope in the next, the needles problem will be fixed, and why not, a addiction of traffic in open roads.
  11. Would it be too cheeky to ask what's new?
  12. That's what I hope the most. And that I don't have to restart the game everytime I change car or track.
  13. Do you mean the addition of traffic? It would be nice but I wouldn't hold my breath, since it would take a lot of effort to implement properly. :)

    Another problem that hasn't been mentioned is the fact that when a car rolls over on it's top and slides it acts like it has wheels on it's roof. For example if the car is slowly turning (yawing)
    as it slides it will make a smooth arc. If the arc is tight enough it will roll back over on it's

    Tire sounds in replays have been odd for a long time now in that anytime you let off of the throttle the tires squeal, that's the only real issue I have with replays right now.

    It would be nice to have a beta to start testing but I understand if Ruud wants to put in ALL of the new features first so that he can cut down on the amount of revisions.

    Alex Forbin
  14. i know, but the traffic enabled is a nice progress.. we have time to implement it after. or die trying lol

    by 50 cent :p
  15. Ruud

    RACER Developer

    The idea is certainly to get a v089 out as a test version for v090. That v090 would be a 'final', in that it will be a version where you can develop content for, where it will be version that is available for some time.

    In the mean time, ofcourse progress will continue and newer versions will appear. But it's good to have a fixed version, even if it contains some bugs (most of which can hopefully be worked around on). Indeed, every beta brings its own features, that's why it's good to have an 'updated v0.5.0', if you will. At least most content can then be made to work on that for the 'masses'. ;)
  16. nice to read it.
  17. Yes!
    I don't make much content for Racer, but even I know that this is badly needed.

    Thank you!
  18. i want to suggest one thing:

    why do not change the default car (lambo murcielago) to another which has interior? So who is doing car with interior can use the default car views, to calibrate their own car.
  19. +++++
    The default car and track must set very good examples.
  20. That was mainly because of the way how the collision box worked. In earlier betas it was egg shaped, currently it's box shaped again BUT you can use a collision model if you want to. See http://racer.nl/tutorial/car_coll.htm

    I agree, too. However I think both the track and the car should include every possible feature racer has. Or atleast have them documented correctly in the different files. Old stuff and backwards compatability should be left out completely if we get a new final or add some tips to do that as comments instead of adding them to the code.

    On a whole other note, if you use http://racer.nl/reference/carphys.htm often enough and have a slight knowledge of racers current features you can make out some changes which seems to be included in new versions, e.g. Engine Rumble: http://racer.nl/tutorial/engine.htm#rumble

    Am I the only one who uses the documentation that frequently? Kinda feels like it ;)