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Some cool PLR options

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Jamie R, Apr 19, 2009.

  1. Was tinkering with the .plr file and found some pretty nice things. Unfortunatly, turning on the full course yellow and safety car on does not work, it just reverts to being off again and turning on the formation lap works, but the AI never move and you can just sit there doing laps without anything happening.

    A few usefull things I did find, was to have the in-game time the same as real-time, have the actual sounds of what is going on around you when you are in the garage rather than the pre-recorded stuff, damage staying on track longer, and actually hittable rather than being invisible, more probability of lightning and a few more things.

    Code in order of how it appears, but don't copy and paste, just change the values. Unfortunatly that means finding the line of code yourself. Will see if I can get around that later.

    Use System Time="1" // Session start time for none-Cup races uses machine time
    Realtime In Monitor="1" // Whether to play realtime sounds in monitor
    Other Volume Ratio="0.80000" // Additional volume multiplayer for other vehicles
    Vehicle Sparks="1" // Whether sparks occur from vehicle-to-vehicle collisions
    Lens Flare in Cockpit View="1"
    Lightning Probability="1.50000" // Probability of seeing lightning (0.0-1.5)
    Thunder Probability="1.50000" // Probability of hearing thunder (0.0-1.5)
    AI Disk Glow Multiplier="1.00000"
    Reflect Alpha Scale="1.00000"
    Vehicle Removal="30.00000" // Seconds until stationary vehicle is removed from track (sug: 30)
    Debris Removal="30.00000" // Seconds until stationary debris is removed from track (sug: 30)
    Parts Duration="30.00000" // Seconds after parts break off before disappearing ... by default, happens before normal debris removal (sug: 10000)
    Posts Duration="100000000000000000.00000" // Seconds after track posts break off before disappearing
    Crash Recovery="0" // Artificially keep cars on track or flip cars upright
    Simple Debris Collisions="0" // simplified collisions use less CPU but dont interact with walls
    Show All Lobby Players="1" // shows all drivers present in the multi-player lobby
    Obviously only use what you want to and don't forget to ask what something does if you don't understand before you put it in and add anything else you know of too!

    .PLR file can be found in Documents/Simbin/Race07/UserData/*Your profile name*
    If it asks you what program to use, pick notepad.
  2. One that I found over at No Grip was " Play Movies="1" " - it turns video clips on for any monitors or large tv screens such as on Indianapolis Road Course that have them included in the track files

    Edit - I know that the latest version of Croft has it - if you use the free cam and zoom in on the pit wall monitor is shows a little video loop.
  3. Ross Balfour

    Ross Balfour
    #99 | Roaring Pipes Maniacs

    THIS IS SOOOO COOL! I will be editing this stuff all day cheers Jamie
  4. Not tried it yet but this one looks good-
    Pitcrew Push="0" // When out of fuel in pitlane, allows pitcrew to push car (use throttle and gear selection to direct)
  5. Some of those things look pretty cool..will have a play around with those later

  6. There is anothe that allows you to load cars while stopped on track, just be sure to be off the racing line if you enable it.
  7. that actually works pretty fine if you are out of fuel you can still move for and back with the help of the pitcrew :)
  8. I wonder how I can get the flags on circuits moving like in GTR2.

    Oschersleben GTR2, grandstand facing the pits has flags on it that move on highest settings. Oschersleben Race07 also has flags, but those are not moving on highest settings..
  9. A note: backup your .plr file BEFORE tampering with it.. I didn't and had to reset profile. No biggie..

    I noticed that extending the particle and sign lifetime had a very negative effect on framerate especially systems that "just-about" run the game (like mine). Also the realtime sounds on pit affected a surprising amount on the menu functions.. Those of you who have a highendish system probably won't notice anything.
  10. I've changed a lot now and I haven't noticed any framedrops or so.. Just too bad shadows in tv cockpit doesnt work :(
  11. If you have a decent sound card, you can change:

    Maximum Effects="16" to "32" under Sound Options for much better sound quality.
  12. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Lens Flare in Cockpit View="1"

    Try that guys. Looks very good. All about making this game real.
  13. Imho it's not real. lens flare is something for a camera not for your own eyes.. So in chase view or so I think it's real but in cockpit I thtink it's not real.

    It's bad that shadows in TV cockpit doesn't work..

    And I don't think 32 soundeffects will be good for my realtek alc662 onboard cpu usage.. :p
  14. Already in my original post ;).

    I really do recommend the option that stops your car being tipped back over and all the ones to do with damage. Local time one is nice aswell :D
  15. I know, it's a shame half the PLR options don't actually work. Like the formation lap and safety car.
  16. More and more options are getting disabled as Simbin 'improve' on the engine - funny eh' ? :p
  17. Boy that safety car would be a real strain on the average Core 2 Duo and G92. Maybe Simbin should consider vector graphics for their next title, all these textures are too intense for us casual gamers.

    Better yet, to make sure everyone's computer can run the game fine, take out the 3D engine all together and turn it into a WTCC manager title where you just look at Excel spreadsheets the whole time. Go easy on the color fonts though, that takes up some craaazy CPU cycles.