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Solution: Cockpit view during pitstop in F1 2012

Discussion in 'F1 2012 Mods' started by Iko Rein, Nov 27, 2012.

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  1. Hello,
    I have found a solution, how to remove (actually hide) the pitstop camera run and keep the view in the cockpit during the whole duration of the pitstop.
    I have included the files to do this with a non-modded version of F1 2012. In the package there is a readme, which goes into more details how this is done.
    In short, I have reduced the duration of the pitstop "replay" to 0 secondes and replaced two normally not available rear view cameras with cockpit camera to keep the view in cockpit.
    I hope you enjoy this. I do

    Solution: Cockpit view during pitstop in F1 2012
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  2. Sorry for double-posting. This was my first time posting a mod and of course I stumbled. Can one of the moderators combine this with my other message. Thanks.
  3. Thank you !:thumbsup:
  4. works with moded cams??
  5. It can be made to work with modded cams. If you test the mod with just the files from the tracks dir, during the pitstop you will have rear view camera.

    In order to also have the cockpit view during the pitstop, you need to edit each of the cars\<team>\cameras.xml files you have. In those files you need to change the replay cameras of replay_drv_rearSide1 and replay_drv_rearSide2 with the camera you want to use. You need to edit these two, as they both are used depending on the direction of the pitlane.

    I have put into the package modified vanilla cameras.xmls just as a "proof of concept". There are sample original and modified text xml versions for Red Bull in the other cars directory. Just use FC to see, what changes were made.

    UPDATE: So you take my mod's files in tracks dir (the replay_camera_config.xml files) and then you modify the cameras.xml for each team.
  6. How would I change it so it is viewed from the TV Cam or the Pod cam?
  7. Hobotoad, It is doable.

    Let's assume you want to have the whole pit-entry, pitstop and pit-exit be in Pod cam.

    You would need to change in the <track>\route_0\replay_camera_config.xml (for all tracks) the 'dummy_pitstop_camera_right_01' and 'dummy_pitstop_camera_left_01' cameras to show Pod cam. This would make the pit entry and pit exit show the Pod Cam.

    Then you would need to do edit the replay_drv_rearSide1 and replay_drv_rearSide2 cameras in the cars\<team>\cameras.xml with your preferred camera view.

    If you take the mod, and just copy the tracks files into your F1 2012 dir, driving in e.g. Pod cam will change to the cockpit cam at the pit entry, keep cockpit in the pitlane & during the pitstop and then change back to Pod cam at pitlane exit.

    UPDATE 1: I always drive in cockpit mode, so I didn't play much with other cams. There is actually quite an easy way to make this work with other cams. Whatever is your "default driving view", copy the contents of that camera (in all cars\<team>\cameras.xml) to the head-cam camera contents. Then you will have this camera when entering pitlane all the way until the you drive into the box. And then again when the "rearview" camera is not used.

    UPDATE 2: So if you mod the head-cam, then in the carage, you will have that view there too. But you can get the pitstops done with the desired camera. See the attached screenshot.

  8. Hi,
    thank you for your work
    I am looking for a solution to stay in tv cam during the pit stop
    you have an idea?
  9. Yes, take from my package the tracks\circuits\<track>\route_0\replay_camera_config.xml files and copy them into your installation directory.

    Then modify all your cars\<team>\cameras.xml files as follows:
    Replace the data in section <View type="Head" ident="head-cam" ...>, <View type="Mounted" ident="replay_drv_rearSide1" ...>, <View type="Mounted" ident="replay_drv_rearSide2" ...> with the contents from the <View ... ident="pod" ...> section. You also need to change most likely the head-cam type to "Mounted".

    Please note, that this might have some unwanted consequences, as in garage you will be in the head-cam mode.
  10. Would it be possible to do an entirely new pit cam? What I mean is that when you enter the pits it would be lets say for example the cockpit cam or tvpod cam. But when you turn to the pitbox it would switch to an overhead camera where you could se the whole car and the engineers doing their thing. It would be like sometimes you see in TV :) hope I made my self clear.
  11. We could solution on how to sit in the car in the garage all around to watch?
  12. Tino, yes you can do that.:)

    First you have to have an idea, how the pit cam would work, e.g. have a view from inside the carage towards the car during the pitstop. Then you need to modify the pitstop cameras/camera path(s) in all tracks\circuits\<track>\replay_camera_config.xml to accomodate what you want/need. Single camera view with no movement would be quite easy, but having a moving camera with different views would be much, much tougher.
  13. I'm also drive only in cockpit-view. I use this mod and it work's fine. Many Thank's ! :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:
  14. Would you like to have a crack at this? I suck at editing anything else but some textures so I cant do squat. It would be nice if it was the cockpit cam first and then when the car turns to the pit box it would be an STILL overhead camera like in this video right here:

    Then when the car leaves it would turn into the cockpit cam again.
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  15. Fantastic, lonelyracer! :) And beautifully explained also. "Normal" pitstops might seem as a small detail which is not very important compared to modding car handling, or difficulties, or corner breaking points, but it adds a lot of realism if you play in cockpit view (and inside a "real" cockpit, as I do ;) ). I never understood why Codemasters introduced this arcardish touch, and I though that it was impossible to override. Thanks!!
  16. One question for you, lonelyracer. I noticed that in free practice and qualifying the horrible animation when you arrive to your box is still there. Have you tried to remove it? Can it be done? Thanks!
  17. I am not that good with the cameras. I just found a way to disable the standard pitstop "replay". In my test I managed to make the camera be above and just bit behind car showing the pitstop from that angle. If someone shows me, how to turn the camera 90 degrees left/right, then I could be able to create what you asked.

  18. Just looked around a bit. For the PushCarBackIn the game actually uses the sequence from GarageCar_seq.xml (in sequences) and in there is also a reference to the camera movement (which I could not yet find). When this camera run has finished, the system changes to the chase_close camera until the process is ready. So yes, this can be removed.

    Here is how:
    You need to edit the sequences\GarageCar_seq.xml and reduce there in the 4 different Camera_PushCarBackIn_<L/R>Bay_<Left/Right> the NeSequenceVisiblePacket to have just e.g. 0.0, 0.01 and 0.02 as the sequence.

    <NeSequencePacket type="NeSequenceVisiblePacket">
    <Key time="0.0" visible="false" />
    <Key time="0.01" visible="true" />
    <Key time="0.02" visible="false" />

    And then in all the cameras.xml for all cars change the chase_close camera to contain the head-cam settings. Maybe I could do v2 of the mod with these modifications, if there is need for that.

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