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Sochi Autodrom

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Manolis Sigoulakis, Aug 3, 2014.

  1. Does anyone have the Sochi circuit?

    The one of rfactorcentral can't open because of a "sky.mas problem". If anyone can tell me how to solve it, it does as well :)
  2. Try to check the "SearchPath"
  3. What's that?
  4. Example from Toban SCN file:




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  5. Thank you so much man, it worked!!
  6. Only one more problem, when exiting the test, the game just freezes, like my whole computer does :(
  7. Try to alt-tab to see if says "stopped working"
  8. It does :(
  9. Do you have a shortcut? If not, make it, right-click on the shortcut and in "Target" probably says "C:\Program Files\rFactor\rFactor.exe". Change it to "C:\Program Files\rFactor\rFactor.exe" -trace=1000
  10. You are the best :thumbsup:
  11. Hope it solves the crash
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