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So where have I been lately?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by William Nowell, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Well some have notice that I haven't been on iracing as much as I use to in the past few weeks. Well I picked up another hobby, like I really needed any more right. My son and I have started messing around with RC helicopters and I have been bit bad by the heli bug. Started off with the little toy ones from wally world and the toy store, then a couple of co-axials, but now have finally made it into the big leagues. I just got this one last week, Align T-rex 700e F3C. The wife is not happy:mad:.

  2. Nice!
  3. Very cool William! Looks like both you and your son are enjoying this new hobby. I can see why you are having a tough time picking between a heli and a headset too!! hehe :)
  4. Hey William, nice mate. Big and tasty! Hope you have not dropped it yet...
    I have a dragonus 450, but have not flown it much since iracing...
    That will look pretty intimidating in the air, but big heli's fly so nice!
    ps, the wifes not happy now... wait till you have binned it a few times.... lol
  5. lol cool. my dad used to fly second world war planes. Its an expensive hobby thats why i dont start that up
  6. Start building them any bigger and you may as well put a seat on it for your kid.