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So Iracers What's Up?

Discussion in 'iRacing' started by John Martin, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Wish I could join you guys but my computer sucks so I can't. I love the look of Iracing. The way you earn your way the the upper levels. The fact that idiots will soon find themselves banned. I race for fun and wins. Love Forza but the dirty racers just ruin the online part of it.

    On wheels what who you guys recommend?

    Anyone use a Thomas Super Wheel?
  2. Are you sure? Try this and post the results m8.

    Personally i don´t like the license thing. I think the Rookie stuff is good but then all drivers are scattered and all the fastest drivers are not driving F1 cars and the slowest drivers do the skippy.
    It´s more personal preference i think, if the car is harder then you just need more practice to keep it on track.

    Need to know a budget for the wheel to narrow it down ;)
  3. I sure don't use that wheel, it's too expensive for my blood... lol...

    I think Hampus is correct that it's all about preference with the cars, as some seem to have alot of interest and others not so much. I would have thought a few of them would have been packed full of racers and they aren't. Then you have the MX-5, and Skip Barber that are LOADED with people from rookies, to Pros. I also agree with him about practice, such as if you spend enough time with it you'll be able to eventually keep up with the faster guys. I do like how there are consequences for bad driving, however sometimes I wish they were more harsh and other times not at all. I guess you can't have everything...lol...
  4. Are you sure your PC is not up to it? iRacing is really scaleable andf even my old rig a 2.1GHz Dual core with 2GB of RAM and an old 512mb video card could run it with the options adjusted. Now on my quad core and new graphics card I can turn up a lot more detail, lighting and crank up the resolution and iRacing looks like one of the best sims visually on the PC.
  5. It's a rigged up laptop with a busted main display. Hooked up to a standard lcd monitor. Luckily for me Windows automatically mirrors the displays if it is hooked up on startup. Also being a laptop I am stuck with the integrated video so no video card for me :(
  6. That thomassuperwheel seems like crap compared to similar price wheels available...
    I mean... no forcefeedback??? For 650$?? Really???
  7. I want something that returns to center without wobbling back and forth, and driving the car instead of me driving. My 360 wireless pisses me off. With the force feedback on I can't come off the corner to fast or the FF snaps the wheel out of my hands. In fact I ended up fighting the wheel for control the whole race. Also the TSW is built like a rock, and you can adjust the tension with springs. MIght just be the last wheel you will ever buy since it easily serviced if something should go out.
  8. Having good FFB is more to do with the game than it is the wheel, and iRacing has FANTASTIC FFB. You can't go wrong with a Logitech wheel.
  9. Buying the XBOX 360 wireless adapter for PC would be the cheapest for me right now. Since I already have the wheel.