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So Hard! Like It Should Be!

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Andrew Dun, Sep 23, 2011.

  1. As a F1 Fanatic, I am very pleased with the game so far, all the little improvements make a huge improvement to the experience overall. First year career as a rookie at Force India and Sutil is spanking me (as he should) I cant get even within a second of his qually times yet (all sims on, all aids off, hardest diff) unlike winning the championship in my first year with lotus on F12010. I look at the times and how far I am behind my teammate and I picture what Eddie Jordan would be saying about me on TV and its not pretty. I hope I can improve enough to justify my seat :frown: Just putting it out there that I love the difficulty of the AI now and how it has improved the experience for me a huge amount.
  2. James Chant

    James Chant

    I am thinking exactly this too.

    The game is much harder to me this time, I have gone from xbox with pad to PC with G25, and it is more suitable for me now. I was quick in 2010, but man I am struggling to keep up in 2011, i like the challenge it presents me with.

    I too won year one in a lotus last year, and have started career in Farce India this year, I am sitting 18th, Q2 is looking a long way away from me, and I know Eddie is waiting in the garage to tell me I need to do better!
  3. I know!! happened the same with me, in Australia I did 1:25 with my Willians, Barichello instead with same car was doing 1:23.9, my positions was 18 and Barrichello 17!! so Vettel was doing 1:23, now that I just beat my rival and took his place(Massa) my F-150 is doing 1:21! So nobody can stop me now >:D
  4. James Chant

    James Chant

    Jeez, you must be doing short races, I am still yet to start Q1 at Melbourne!
  5. I was doing 20 to 50% races, but now 50 to 100%, do you practice the whole time in P1,2,3?
  6. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Its much harder this year. One of the things I totally love is the level of skills needed to be fast in this game now. A LOT better than last year!
  7. Feels smoother right? I play with xbox pad and the '10 just feel that youre playing a perfect car, now in '11 feels more like a big sports car :D that make the right lines
  8. James Chant

    James Chant

    Not to mention DRS & KERS, you realy have to programme it into your mind, I keep forgetting to use it!
  9. Bram

    Administrator Staff Premium

    Same here :) I am respecting those real pilots even more now.
  10. It's funny though, while it is so much harder to do well I actually find the driving easier (ie I don't feel like the back end of my car is a secret agent deployed by my opponents) so it's a more enjoyable experience all round :)
  11. You just figure how great DRS is in the race, or not, if youre first you can't use unless you lose positions, so is pretty frustrating with top speed of 280 with kers when webber is coming at 310, really frustrating actually
  12. Yes, but if you use them perfectly this is really huge advantage. I managed to go to Q3 in Williams in Melbourne (full expert).
    Swiftness was 8/8, not 11/11

    My only problem here is driving in wet. New handling in dry is no problem for me but in wet... Ugh. Or maybe just AI is a bit too fast in wet conditions.
  13. Yea am loving the game now! i had to step back from legend because i was 5 secs of the pace! so am in difficult now but even then i noticed in qualifying i was using primes threw Q1 and Q2 and i got pole by about 1 sec but then when it was Q3 we all had options and dam they were quick (Melbourne) i was only able to manage with 4th, i know the games is gonna get better as soon as we start getting sweet mods etc. Am on my rookie year with force india, gotta admit the cars feel really nice this season, i like that they slide a bit more, not as stable as 2010, its always a gamble in turn on turning to much and get loose or keep it str8 for traction, Am loving it!
  14. What an emotional ride, just finished my first two races in career mode with Williams and I won the race in Malaysia which was a surprise. I qualified in 11th and ran 3rd after pit stops, penultimate lap Alonso and Hamilton tripped over each other so I find myself leading into the last lap. A very scrappy, panicked lap and good use of kers I managed to hold on and cross the line the victor. What a rush!!!!!! EXCELLENT GAME.
  15. I'm liking the challenge/game as well, still practicing Melbourne before jumping into career.
    The AI is a lot better as well, I did a quick GP with Button and dropped a lot of places before crashing out, even managed to cause a safety car :p (I didn't like the auto breaking under SC though when getting to close to the car in front)
  16. When do you guys plan on getting online? I don't inten to touch the career mode like, ever :lol:
  17. The game is much much harder at even professional level. I can get past 10 place !! Even with using drs and kers but it is really fun to race as sometimes the cars twitch too which is really realistic. But i still thing they should have added about 30-40 flashbacks as i raced in spa in 100 race distance and crashed in the last lap at the eau rouge and i didnt have flashbacks to go back ! thats annoying..
  18. As above, the game is much more difficult which is a fantastic thing.

    I too started with Force India and ended up battling with Perez for 8th place in Melbourne and found it enjoyable with it being more realistic. Plus whilst I would like to have the pit-stops like last year, at least this year's game you don't have to worry about the bug.

    I'm finding that the breaking, turn in and cornering in general is much more precise but the back end is very loose which makes me be careful with the throttle.

    I did enjoy coming out of the pits on medium tyres and struggling for a lap until they came up to temp.
  19. The game also gives you more emotions with its much better engine and downshifting sounds!
  20. I finally picked up a win in Monaco, the difficulty really makes these wins special, I took the lead with 4 laps to go and all I could think about was don't crash, don't crash, donno why I did so well in Monaco, I struggle virtually everywhere else, usually qualify in 18th a second behind my teammate Sutil but in monaco I Qual in 5th only 1 tenth off Vettel in pole. But now I am at Canada, a track I love, always have done well here in 2010 but I'm back in 18th again after qual, I have closed the gap to Sutil though, he is only 3 tenths quicker than me now. Looks like I'm gearing 7 long, trying to get a great kers assisted start then defending the whole race with my kers the back straight and the long 7th gear, pretty much my standard strategy when I know I'm not on the pace.