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Released SLOMCZYN rallycross track

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by t34, Jan 3, 2010.

  1. t34


  2. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

  3. Great work! Thanks :) May I have a question - how you make those smooth crossovers beetwen two surfaces (gravel and tarmac) - is there some trick or you just had to make new textures for them? I try to put some wall over two surfaces - one disapears into another, but the effect is not very nice... I still have no idea how to make my own XPacks. The objects you use - are they from you own XPacks or can I find them somewhere else?
    Just one thing you could do IMHO - these cars on the starting line - looks like they all were broken and did not start at all :) Maybe you can give them LOD like 3 or 5, then you see them only at the beginning :)
    Anyway - congratulations! The track is very detailed and runs smoothly on my laptop (2.0 dual core, 3 Gigs RAM, NVidia 8600 M GT).
    Just one more question (but I shall maybe put this topic for the whole Forum) - if I run ANY track (yours, other build with BTB and even original RBR tracks) - they run nice and smoothly. But then, if I want to drive them again (reload) - I get much worse framerates... This happens very often - looks like the game does not clean it's "cache". Stranger - when I hit something harder, sometime it starts to go much smoother... Do you maybe have any idea?
    All the best, thanks again!
    I try to build the rallycross track from Torun - still much work with this :)
  4. It looks very nice! Thanks mate.
  5. t34


    thx for your comments

    "secret" of smooth crossover:
    -new material based on gravel texture with transparency mask

  6. Thank you! Then I need to study more about making new XPacks :)
    Congratulations once again!
  7. Great work! I very happy that somebody use that 1 camera witch is in the RX_plugin. Can you plan to release it for Rfactor?