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SLI / pro display; some simple questions.

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Niels_at_home, Oct 21, 2012.

  1. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios


    I'm not a fan of blinking lights, but may have to give in.. However I'm worried after having a brief go with a SLI pro. The device seems fine but the software a bit weird. Here is *all* I want to do, in rFactor:

    1) For each gear, set at what RPM each set of LEDs lights up
    The software I saw allowed 23435425 ways to set the blinking order but not this vital thing of controlling at what RPM the lights go on! (its different per gear too in real life..)

    2) Show split times / lap times
    Not sure if this is possible..

    3) Show + or - from fastest time
    Not sure if thats possible...

    Can it do these things and if so with what software? I'd like to find out :)

  2. Neils
    1 - Yes (Zap did one for iR where you can asigned highest rpm for each car so it flashes )
    but for each gear and each vehicle , you might want to ask him, im pretty sure you can do this.
    since SLIMaxMgr have profiles that you can create and assigned for each sim you are playing, it is very possible to do what you want.
    2 - Yes (split time display and or lap time is on of the basic options in the right display)
    3 - Yes (delta time difference with best and difference with last - also right display)

    SLI-Pro is the best thing I have since sliced bread. -well may be a tad better,;)

    here's me doing laps on your GSC Formula 3, with sli pro
    shows fuel : speed on the left and lap times on the right, if I turn the switch to position 6 it shows delta split (question 3)

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  3. Cheers mate, GSC FOV is very nice to adjust. while F1 2012 and WRC3 I got mods from this forum that does exactly the same thing.
  4. Niels_at_home

    Reiza Studios

    Thanks, I have seen the 'free' software which didn't allow to set shift light RPM per gear, so that is in the payware version of the eksimracing software then?
  5. yes. it's donation ware. totally worth it.
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  6. Another, probably simple, question.

    What if I have made certain settings with a rotary switch, closed my sim. By accident change the position of that switch, and start the sim again. Is the position of the switch updated to its new setting when you're in the car again, are the ingame settings and switches now out of sync?
  7. Settings are never out of sync, just put the switch back to the postition before., each position of the switch can act as a funciton, i.e., if on pos 4 you have assigned as fuel mix high , then when you re-start the game , it will default to whatever the defaults is. and when you select positon 4 it will recognized this as fuel mix high again in game.
  8. Yeah okay that's clear, the values on the switches are functions. But clearly, there is something out of sync when the default value isn't corresponding with the switch, before you use to switch to change something. Right after then the function which is attached to the position is carried out so the problem is solved. I'll try and see if there is a solution for this nitpicky problem.