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Released Slalom at Lviv (demo version)

Discussion in 'Bob's Track Builder Projects' started by odudar, Oct 15, 2010.

  1. Hi to all.
    I have made a demo track for slalom race, which should take a part in real world.
    Please leave your comments.

    Download from HERE



    Thanks for your comments.
  2. Sheldon Cooper

    Sheldon Cooper
    I love my Meemaw

    Good looking :)
  3. It's interesting idea to make something else - an arcade track.
    But then I would have some comments if you let me:
    - it's impossible to guess which cone is "current" - you shoud add some skidmarks or even arrows on the track's surface that could show the right direction. Something sophisticated, yet visible... Or hire some better co-pilot for me ;)
    - the walls surrounding the track - they can not look like on the picture :(
    - also the track's surface looks terrible for me - it's very wide, so you can use couple tracks (roads) in a row, then they will not stretch that badly. Then you can add a minimum randomness to them to make it feel like a surface (the Material Editor could be helpful.
    - make objects collidable or use some different collision columns - there are not many objects and it will not hurt the performance. Now I have around 90 fps and my machine is not very fast.
    - you can also use some objects from others xpacks (not just Default)to make it look more interesting /start with spectators, I guess ;)

    So, I guess you can work little bit more and it can be nice "other" track :)

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  4. Thanks for all comments. Now I have other Xpack's and working for better track view.
    I'll try to modify track, so it will meet all comments.
  5. Wow, there is cam on the grass in replay. I thought it isn´t possible to have such replay in track made by BTB. How you did that? It is great step forward ;-)
  6. The road is just on the "zero" level or a little above - that's why. It's a good thing for tracks like this, rallycross etc, where you drive on small, flat area. The default elevation for btb track (when you set first control point) is 20 meters, the default position of field camera in rbr is 0 meters (and x=0, z=0), I guess. So, it's maybe not any step forward, but clever observation of things happening :)
    I think that little yellow cross in btb can set the x and z camera positions (but I have never checked it).
  7. Hi all.
    Could anyone help me with some questions:
    1. Could I modify camera position in BTB, or I should to modify some files?
    2. Could I modify properties for cones to have possibility hit them like in real world. In current state them crashed my car and does not moved.

    Thanks :).
  8. Unfortunately - no such possibilities in RX plugin :(
  9. Thanks for your answer.

    One more question: ?does it is possible to convert track from BTB to RBR default track?

  10. You mean to original RBR format? Yes, there are people who can do it. Me not, if you ask me :) You should have quite big knowledge of 3ds Max and Wallaby to make it happen. Anyway, RX_plugin is also good!
  11. Please take a look to my latest version for this track.
    * Track recreated in real scale 1:1
    * Added terrain objects

    Please test it and leave your comments to make this track better :)


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