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Skip Barber Formula 2000 setups

Discussion in 'iRacing Setups' started by William Nowell, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Post your Skip Barber Formula 2000 setups here!

    Zandvoort by William Nowell

    There's not a whole lot to adjust in the skip. Stable race setup, my current best is a 1:57.6 with an opt of 1:56.7. My times are still coming down and I am over a second faster then last season.

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  2. Thank you sir! The fastest I've been able to get there is about 1:58 and some change. I think I just have a problem getting my head wrapped around having to drive the car like a drifting car. I suppose I need to learn how to do that...hehe So I think for now I'll use the slower skip driving my way to make up for bad Star Mazda races...lol...
  3. Here is the setup I ran last season, as I remember I had some pretty good races here. I've used it for both configs. Pretty stable and tire temps stay fairly close.

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  4. This will be my first season in the Skip Barber and found some info regarding the car and setup. If anyone here, has been racing the Skippy and would like to help out with any information please feel free to post here. Looking forward to learning this car and improving my driving this season.

    iRacer Dario Frattini Skip Barber info thread

    iRacer Glenn Chalder, lead author for this Set-Up and Tuning Guide

    Link to Setup and Tuning Guide thread

    Setup attached.

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  5. After watching Dario's replay at Summit Point which will be the track for Week 1. Was surprised after two days of practice with the car to get a 22flat. Not sure how fast that is in comparison to other drivers. But absolutely love this car so far :)
  6. 1.22 flat is very good
    In comparason 1.21 flat is extremly fast and few people can reach 1.20.xx...
  7. Nice find Will, I have run the skip for a full season before and had tons of fun with it. Lots of close fighting and it taught me the importance of carrying good corner speed.
  8. thank you for posting this Will, I appreciate it!
  9. I am planning on running the full season as well. Thanks for the info...this will be printed out and placed in the iRacing notebook.
  10. 1:22 is very good time Will, my pb is around 1:22.5 and took me long time to achive that :rolleyes:
  11. Ok did some more testing at Summit Point using the Tuning Guide and trying to comprehend setups as I have no clue but looking forward to learning about them for my own driving style.

    I have tire pressure at 24psi FL FR and 24psi RL RR and perch at +2 for FL and FR. Here's what the tires read after a 9-10 lap run.

    FL 137 144 142 FR 127 131 120
    RL 150 153 154 RR 141 140 133

    By looking at those temps, what would you guys adjust in order to get them at proper temps? Just asking to make sure I'm on the right track for tweaking certain things. :)
  12. Been trying to learn the Skippy and how to set it up for my driving preference and also looking at how the faster guys have been setting up their cars and came up with this setup. PB is 1.22.081 with an optimal of 1.21.706. Still tweaking to make it a bit better.

    Any feedback would be great.

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  13. PB is 1.22.081 with an optimal of 1.22.706. :confused:

    try my setup, brake bias 53, fronts 142 rears 158 RARB 8
    while RARB at lower values makes you more comfortable (safe) it makes you slower, higher RARB takes some time to get used to but for sure makes you faster
    brake bias is of course personal preference

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  14. higher arb=more temps on tires and oposite, higher presure=lower temps but faster tire wear, I believe
    front perch more in + same as higher rarb/more temps/lower car, good on smooth tracks, tricky on Summit and high curbs tracks (shouldn´t go higher then +5 or +6)
  15. Oh whoops! hehe Meant to say 21.706 Dario. Will try your setup and get RARB at 8 a try. The back end really wants to step out on me when I'm at this setting that's why I went for something more comfortable. I'll test that out today.
  16. Ah ok. Thanks for that explaination Dario. :)
  17. Thanks for your setup Dario. I adjusted brake bias to 58. Might be still a bit high setting for now till I get more laps with the Skippy. Just feel more comfortable under braking with this BB. But just couldn't get use to the 8 RARB :tongue: So adjusted that to 4. And in the practice server got my PB of 21.8xx. Got quali out of the way too, with a 22flat. Now time to get some races in this week. :)

    Skippy FTW! hehe :D
  18. Started on this setup this season, ran a race with it and temps worked out pretty good with good car control and feel. PB is a 1:38.4xx.

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  19. My set for Road Atlanta, my pb is 1:07.3 but I think there is more there.

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  20. Setup attached shared by Tim Reed in an open practice session earlier today.

    I'm hardly a Skippy 'old hand' as hardly ever driven the thing, but thought I'd give the new one a try with the new build. Got my current PB with the setup to 1:49.1** although Tim himself was running mid 1:46's with this setup.


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