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Skins [SKINS] Personal Ferrari 312T + all drivers suits pack 1.1

Personalized Ferrari 312T with my name and race number + suits for Kunos skins

  1. Patcha submitted a new resource:

    [SKINS] My personal Ferrari 312T! - Personalized Ferrari 312T in Assetto Corsa with my name and race number by Patcha

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  2. Hi PATCHA. I ask if is possible made a personal skin for me too? My name is "LUIS FARIA", number is "69" and country is "PORTUGAL". Tks ;)
  3. Tigerlima, I'm very sorry, but I cannot risk to start get requests by everybody. :\
    It's not such immediate as it seems, 'cause I don't have original font, so every writing and numpad must be edited to fit and looks like as much as possible the original from Kunos!

    But I can share with you my "easier" template.
    Easier 'cause you already have a text level to write your name, than make a copy and edit it to fit the area.
    Also the name in the Kunos template is cut between two skins sections, instead I make white lines longer to make the name fit in one section only (use "wireframe" level to be sure you don't go over drawed area).

    Also numpad has his font, but I'm not sure it will fit other numbers like it fits 90... 69 maybe it's ok, too.

    The template file is to be read and edited with Gimp2, it's a free software downloadable in Internet!

    This is my "easier" template: http://www.patcha.it/Skins/Downloads/ac_ferrari_312t_easy_template.zip
  4. Hi PATCHA. Thanks for your template, I try me best now. Regards and don't s top your work. ;)
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