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Skins Skin Porsche 997 GT3 RSR 2014-08-28

Team_Breizh_Autosport_N° 56 & 58

  1. Why do people seem to find it acceptable to upload links to ripped skins for ripped cars ?
    I do know that this is the 3rd I can recall for this car alone! , this car is from Forza 4 , and is owned by microsoft , and Turn10 studios , and from what I can tell , they put as much into research and detailing of there cars than Kunos / iRacing , ect probably put together , yes its a console creator , but when all said and done they leave no stone unturned , and if you actually follow there twitter , wepage ect , you will clearly see that the development is second to none!!!!!!!!!
    These guys actually laser scan all there cars :confused:
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  2. Robert vd Heide

    Robert vd Heide
    Piloting RC Helicopters and sim Racecars

    " chargingcar Version: 2014-08-28 I think this is 90% of all my issues with RD , They seem to support people who upoad skins to ripped content "

    so do these copyright rules prevent you of sharing the F1 V3 mod here on RD ?

    had to pick it from a foreign site that linked to your website earlier this week
    would be nice for the fans here on RD to have the V3 update too

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  3. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member


    You know full well that we do not support unauthorized stolen content.
    If you believe something of yours (which this isn't) has been stolen, then you may file a report to the staff team, and we will review the evidence that you have provided. But since this isn't your work, you are not an eligible or credible source of evidence.

    You're also taking issue with a skin. This isn't the car mod. This is a skin.
    This person is free to upload this skin for those people who have this Porsche installed. The Porsche was taken down from RD a while ago upon request from the original authors, but people may still have the car installed on their computer.
    This skin is not against our terms of service.

    More to the point, you may want to review your own mods before criticizing others of copyright infringement, when your own Formula One car mods have copyright owned brands on them, which you haven't been granted permission to have.
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  4. What is your issues with me , ?
    you got me banned last time why try to provoke me , any single person on this site who know me , knows that I answer all questions pointed at me no matter what , so surely you must know this.

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  5. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    The reason you were banned the first time was because your attitude towards others was completely disrespectful, and completely against our forum rules and codes of conduct. The only problem I have is that your attitude towards others is totally out of line, and you have no right to speak to people in such a way. You not uploading a track that I thought looked very promising has nothing to do with your current predicament.

    Please read our terms of service again, and come back when you have composed yourself.

    Also, daring staff to ban you, isn't the smartest thing to do.
    If it warrants it, we'll gladly take you up on such an offer.
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  6. Why do you allow people to upload skins, textures , audio , ect , to ripped content , then take it out on the people who report it , ]
    I have plenty of time on my hands , so unless you want an enemy I suggest you personally leave me alone, and get other staff to contact me directly , who have a kind manner, as you to me are very disrespectful towards me, and I find it degrading and insulting to have to put up with it.

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  7. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Member Premium Member

    I have asked you nicely, several times now, to please be respectful and you have failed to comply.
    If you continue to behave in such a way, and fail to behave within our forum rules (swearing at staff and other members of the community, provoking arguments etc.), then Simberia is always there to help you cool down.

  8. I am really sorry if you are confused ,
    this has been going on for 10 days now , and has nothing to do with this thread or the previous thread ,
    this is an issues that i feel is directed directly towards myself , I find it offensive and disrespectful towards myself ,
    and in no way do I feel that it should be represented on a main thread for the public to see , again I find that disrespectful towards myself ,

    as in my experience over the years if anything is getting heated or out of hand I have always had members of staff contact me directly in a PM ,
    So lets just leave it has it is ,
    because otherwise I can go on all night and day for months/years on end ,

    and in no way is it acceptable to represent new members with people arguing on main forum pages with staff ,

    So again please I ask you , lets just speak about the issues in private. :)

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  9. Steve Bird

    Steve Bird
    Racing Since 1978 Premium Member

    Christ. I thought this type of crap happened on virtualr. If this guy used other peoples creations and rebadged it as his own creation then lets see the original content so we can judge it for ourselves. I hate to see bickering for the sake of it and would just like to see what all the fuss is about rather than read post after post about how bad people have been. If this guy has done something wrong then lets see what he's done with links to the content he's ripped off. If he's guilty then lets tear him another arsehole, if not then lets pat the bloke on the back and thank him for his contribution. Enough said.