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Simsync Problem ( Available Series )

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Caner Basol, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I made a fresh install of rfactor, and downloaded the simsync pro. But simsync couldn't find any available series so i couldn't download the mod. Are there any suggestions ???
  2. try running it as administrator and see if that works
  3. I have tried it many times, but didn't work

    Note: I'm using Windows 7
  4. I have downloaded the program to another computer, but i have the same problem. Can anyone send the ini file, it may solve it
  5. did you download our simsync package? and did you copy the ini file into the rFactor Folder as well?

    If it doesn´t work, just try to redownload it.
  6. Yeap i have done exactly the same things that you said but it is not working,i don't know the problem :(

    Edit: Here is the screenshot

    Sunu1.jpg: [​IMG]
  7. I got the ini file from one of my friends, but this time, Simsync didn't open. It gave an error about the ini file :S
  8. did you try clicking on the button "show available rFactor series"?

    other then that I don´t know which else could be the problem.
  9. I tried many things but nothing works :(
  10. Scrambles

    Mower of Lawns Premium

    Do you have the simsync.exe in the same folder as the rFactor.exe?
    Have you tried turning your firewall off?
  11. yes, it is not working...
  12. I found something interesting. When i looked at the ini file after running the program, i saw that windows replaced "I"s with "İ"s which is included in our Turkish alphabet. I think it might be the origin of the problem, I'm working on it,now.

    I have tried the program at 3 different computers. All of them are running with Windows 7 (Turkish language). And all of them gave the same error :S

    Are there any suggestions?
  13. Problem is solved. I have changed the language of Windows to English and the location to US.