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SimRacing.pl revolutionising rFactor graphics

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ryan Callan, Nov 28, 2010.

  1. SimRacing.pl and particularly Krzysztof have been busy adding and implementing new shaders into existing rFactor cars and tracks. Just take a look, some amazing stuff, no post-processing.

    Animated sky, sun, water waves and light glow over trees:
    Window shader and water waves against the sun:
    Again window glass shader:
    CART98 Vancouver 02.jpg
    New asphalt/skids - shader on Algarve. The bestline reflects more light. Area out of best line diffuses light.
    There are also new car body/rims/tyres shaders in use:
    rf_hiper_shaders1.jpg rf_hiper_shaders2.jpg rf_hiper_shaders3.jpg rf_hiper_shaders4.jpg
    Bumps may wear painted lines out:
    High beam and low beam flares:
    Car window glass shader - changes transparency and texture depending on eye-to-sun angle:
    High beams flares at night:

    Plenty of videos on show here also - http://www.youtube.com/user/kysz1, which are still WIP effects.
  2. wow
  3. Wa !! How to wait ? I want feel it now.
  4. You could trick me into thinking that' rfactor 2 with those shaders!
  5. I have never seen such beutiful work on rFactor. ISI just have to get SimRacing.pl onboard there rF2 project.
  6. Amazing!!!!!
  7. Simply put, amazing work.
  8. This only goes to prove that even with rF2 on the horizon, rF1's graphics engine has lots of life left in it.
  9. Xosé Estrada

    Xosé Estrada

    It's a "pity" that this came so close to rF2, imagine it in 2008 :eek:
  10. Don't worry. Looks like ISI will put base shaders into rF2 only. In that case experience collected on those shaders will be used on new platform easily.
  11. i'll say!!:cool:
  12. Valerio Vinassa

    Valerio Vinassa
    PrestoGP Veteran

    :good:no needed words:)
  13. Bram

    Ezekiel 25:17 Staff Premium

    +1 looks good
  14. Derek Speare

    Derek Speare
    DSD FTW!

    May I ask if there is some type of download for this? rFactor really needs some cockpit makeovers, too. I am band new to the sim, so I don't know what's out there in mod land. This one sounds great.
  15. Shaders are ready to download from rfc. But implementing it into mods needs some modding skills.
    best regards
  16. We use this shaders on SimRacingPL and I think that cars and tracks looks amazing