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SimRaceTV: What Is Going On?

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Thomas Mundy, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. It seems the ongoing problems with SimRaceTV continue. Today the broadcast is not working at all. It just says its offline. I'm assuming this is another SimRaceTV fault? Why do they seem not capable of delivering good quality broadcasts. I think FSR should consider broadcasting their own races because SimRaceTV clearly aren't doing a good job for FSR at the moment.
  2. Technical Difficulties with the SimRaceTV crew apparently, they got the crew there but didn't have time to fix the error.
  3. Well it might not be their fault this time but it does seem that poor broadcasts are a regular occurence with SimRaceTV. Even when the broadcasts work the quality on them is terrible. Very pixelated.
  4. Yeah, sadly it was fixed a bit before the race started.
  5. Anyway all broadcast companies have issues sometimes, it doesn't matter what company you choose, at the end it's impossible to avoid problems. For example, during the WT race PSRTV was broadcasting the iRacing DWC race, and I've heard they had quite a lot of problems as well (it wasn't even working when I opened it). What I can say is that Lutz (Simrace.tv) has been always trying to help us in everything, same with Damian trying to organize the broadcasts.
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  6. Someday when you produce something for free as good as SimraceTV, then you have approval for bitching. Otherwise, turn around.
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