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Skins Simple Fantasy Willams F1 1.0

a simple mod skins for williams, by only replacing & adding some logos.

  1. Henky SA submitted a new resource:

    Simple Fantasy Willams-F1 Skin - a simple mod skins for williams, by only replacing & adding some logos.

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  2. realitychecked


    I really wouldn't expect some kind of "kawaii" person around here. Yes it's very simple but you could have changed Maldonado to Massa and make an DHD livery.
  3. Maldonado & massa agree. But i mod for like 6 months now and i dont even know how to make dhd. Then this kid dont know too
  4. Maybe instead of Xperia put in PS4 as it is their Sony's newest Electronical device?
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  5. she's some of my fav characters in some anime btw XD

    *back to topic
    thanks for the suggestion :D
    i'm currently working on HD & DHD. i just finished the HD res. but there's some problem when i make the DHD res :( when i saved the .dds file as DHD (8192x8192) it got some error on Photoshop. like "can't save the file as <path> because a.." and it didn't save. when i clicked save as once again i only got corrupt file. any suggestions?

    oh just some question. in what resolution in HD & DHD for garages & pitcrew/racecrew?

    yeah. i would to make massa's version too for this skins but there's some problem. the name tag on the livery :unsure: (between the engine cover and the cockpit). i have no idea what should i do. maybe i could change the flag. but changing the "Maldonado" letter to "Massa" letter seems to be hard for me. bcoz like i said, i've no experience in designing. :(

    P.S : i'm a system analyst student so Photoshop is a strange thing for me. i learn photoshop by myself from 2 weeks ago :roflmao:
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  6. FYI. you could change from SD res into HD & DHD res in photoshop. go to images->image size. then put 4092x4092(HD) & 8192x8192 (DHD). and it wouldn't break the images.
  7. ooh thanks for the suggestion, currently working on it. i have finished the PS4 ver but there is some problem (that is, working on DHD) that makes me postpone the progress of this skin.:unsure:
  8. realitychecked


    It happens to me too. I sometimes save the texture in TGA and convert to DDS in Paint.NET. The font for the text is Impact it seems.

    DHD and HD resolutions are the same for every file.
  9. thank you :D

    so, for making DHD textures, better to use Paint.NET instead of Photoshop?
  10. some news guys, i've already done the HD & DHD ver of the car skin (included PS4 ver). but i can't upload it now. i'll upload it soon, maybe for a 3-4 hours later :roflmao:
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  11. No Paint is far worse. About resizing no if you resize the texture from HD (4096) to DHD (8192) you will lose quality. On the other hand if you do this from DHD to HD it doesn't reduce the quality. Just do as i do. Merge all layers from your psb work file. "Save as" BMP, PNG?JPG and convert it to DDS with DDS converter program. That's how i do it too.
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  12. i realized that when i copied the DHD skin that i've made & play F1 2013 for a moment with this car, some logos looks blurry & the quality seems to be reduced like PDVSA & Randstad at the engine cover. i use laptop so the skin looks like no difference on the screen, when i back to main menu & take a look closely then i realize my mistakes :(
    pardon me :cry: i started to mod this skin based on the standard Codies skin. not the HD/DHD re-skin. i think that if i resize the texture the quality is still remain/not really reduce. (a newbie mistake) pardon me cuz i'm beginner :(

    then i should rework this skin with take the DHD re-skin & searching for some hi-res logo. thank you soo much @w1n1x for the tips & suggestion :thumbsup: . i should learn further about designing.

    PS : saving the DHD texture takes too long time, it takes 30 min for just saving a file. what a time. -_-
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2013
  13. Firstly great that you realised that resizing Codemaster's original texture to HD or DHD size reduce the quality to far worse. If you do a HD&DHD update or custom skin for a car you have to replace all logos with high quality ones or replace them with the logo you want. It's up to you that's why they called custom cars. But of course if you just do a DHD skin update for original car skin. Then you need only the logos that's on the original texture. 30 minutes? Whatt??!! How??? I can save the DHD psb file which has 50+ layers easly in 20 second. How slow your laptop is just? Also how do you save the file? Can you tell me? So i can help you out with this.
  14. Dhd just takes some time. My pc is very good and it takes like 40-60 seconds.
  15. Henky SA updated Simple Fantasy Willams-F1 Skin with a new update entry:

    added - ps4 version(but still in SD sorry)

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  16. oh sorry, i realize that it takes too long time cuz i resized the .dds file. not the work(.psd/psb) (another newbie's mistake) :redface: LOL

    my laptop is HP 431 :)
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  17. Henky SA updated Simple Fantasy Willams-F1 Skin with a new update entry:

    replacing renault sport logo to symantec, & now added the HD ver

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  18. Really Nice skin! The logos are scaled and placed really well! But coming from a realistic sense, Microsoft and Sony would never both sponsor the same team, and, knowing Microsoft, they'd probably try and sponsor the winning team (Red Bull, probably)
    But - If you replaced the Microsoft logo with some sort of clothing company (Nike, Vans, whatever), maybe change a few colours (to better replicate some of the older and better cars.), and i belive it could be a really good skin!
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