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Simple driver editor

Discussion in 'Motorsport Manager' started by Wasserlasser, Nov 26, 2016.

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  1. Wasserlasser



    we have created a simple driver editor for the text file.
    It is still very simple and basic and in testing.


    If you are interested in it and are willing and able to test it let me know.
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  2. That's pretty awesome and would make life a lot easier.
    I'm willing to test it I'm installing this game on my laptop so I can test a few other things, the reason I do this is so I can keep playing on the pc.
    Once again pretty excellent and my hat off to you guys.
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  3. Yes please
  4. Yes i would like to test it ....great work.
  5. Yeeees!!
  6. Yes please, looks very like the FM editor. Class
  7. Yep!
  8. Wasserlasser


    I will have some minor tweaks to make and will get it uploaded in the next couple of hours for testing :)

    Thanks for your help and kind words
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  9. Would love to test it for you! :)
  10. Past couple of hours now, come onnnnnnn :laugh::laugh: :thumbsup:
  11. Wasserlasser


    Unfortunately it was not OK to post the link here.
    I was just informed about that by one of the staff members.
    Sorry for the confusion.
  12. Wasserlasser


    @Martin Larsen
    Unfortunately I cannot write in the support thread anymore, so I have to answer here.

    Let me know exactly what you did and what your folder structure looks like so I can check on it.

  13. Wasserlasser


    In the next version you will be able to edit the teams as well.
    Check out the Screen for it

  14. I made a folder called 'RaceEditor', then I made a new folder in that called 'Data'. Then I dropped the Drivers.txt file into the 'Data' folder and the editor itself into 'RaceEditor' But when I try to start the editor nothing happends. But if I take the editor and drop into the 'Data' folder then I get a error that it dont find the .txt file as expected ofc but can still open the editor if I click on ignore problem, but cant edit ofc since the editor is placed in the wrong folder. But nothing works when place the editor the right place...

  15. Wasserlasser


    OK, the structure of the above Screenshot is correct.
    Can you send me your Drivers.txt file please.
  16. Where do I getthe drivers.txt? The program is blank when I open, where are the instructions?
  17. Wasserlasser


    The drivers.txt is what you export from your resources.assets
    Do you know how to do that?
    Instructions for that are on Youtube and instructions for the Editor are in our Forum.
  18. Ah ok I dont, Ill go search, cheers pal
  19. How does the team editor work? Is it included in the current, downloadable build?
  20. Wasserlasser


    The team editor will be in the next release.
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