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Silverline Racing WC [URGENT]

Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Benjamin Chong, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Karim Wezenberg has stepped away from sim racing for the time being. With short notice before the first race, we are looking for a second WC driver to partner Blair Disley. At the moment we are looking for a short term replacement, but this can lead to a permanent role. Those interested please pm me as soon as possible. Thanks

    Benjamin Chong
    Silverline Racing
  2. Hardly unforeseen circumstances, I questioned Karims commitment from early testing results. Then as team manager, I took the decision to replace him before the first race. Unfortunately for me my colleagues at Silverline failed to back my decision, leading me to step down from Ward-Silverline. Now Karim has let you down......Shambles.
  3. Tell yourself whatever you need mr Ward in order to get through the day.

    The truth is:

    that you clearly can not handle a position of power and are very direspectful to the hard work the drivers do. This is why i decided to leave the team and this is why Silverline doesn't want to work with u anymore. U make decisions regarding the entire team like it's completely yours.

    U didn't decide to replace me, because as some people already know, u were asking me to come back to the team, but dealing with people like u costs me a lot of energy and has nothing to do with racing.

    The team made a wise choice to not keep going with u and i hope nobody is ever unwise enough to work with you again. You claim to be some brilliant engineer, but i have not seen 1 thing from u that has actually helped in any way. All u do is give orders really.

    I want to state that when i first asked Mr Ward about the motivation of the team before joining: he told me to go simply ask an ex driver from Ward f1 who i have never even spoken to. Great answer!!

    I also offered to still do the 1st race in Melbourne to give the team time to find another driver, but once again making a decision without talking to the other owners of the team: you said it wasn't necessary.

    You are just here on the forum to somehow save your humiliation and blame others for your own mistakes. Classy!

    The reason im leaving is because i have reached a point that i feel it's no longer worth the effort. I want to have fun and im not having it. So in this case it's better to leave for a while and see what happens in the future.

    Im not wasting my time with u anymore mr Ward, make up what you want, tell lies, tell yourself what you need to. So i don't care how u reply to this post. Im not responding. U are someone who needs to have the last word, so go ahead and take it!

    I want to state that the real Silverline team without mr Ward, are a good and respectful group of people and it would be nice to see a good driver joining them for the rest of the season.

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  4. Ben Ross asked me (against my better judgment) to talk to you about coming back & I even told you that I didn't want you. Ben Chong & myself already had another driver lined up

    Nothing wrong with that, I was giving you a reference.

    The team didn't have a choice. I resigned due to being undermined by Ben Ross. I had my doubts about Karim after the first test & relayed these to Ben Chong.

    You were contracted to me, not Silverline. So I was free to release you.

    I had a format for testing & a long term plan on how to develop the team. You did your best to work against that. Wasting three hours of testing, playing with your steering.

    I have no problems with Silverline, I was asked to run the WC team by Ben Ross as he liked what i did at Ward in 2011. But when you have a driver who has no respect for his team manager & has no interest in doing anything, but on his own terms, it was obvious it was never going to work out.
  5. Chris Butcher

    Chris Butcher
    Red Bull Gridsters 2012 Champion

    Come on chaps - this is a thread for a team to recruit drivers. Do you think this is a good way to attract drivers with pointless, public bickering? I know it would certainly put me off joining a team.
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  6. Ok I do not what to start a fight here. But I want to clarify something. When I first learn of it, I offered a temporary driver to replace Karim immediately after I learned about his departure. My main concern was to have full team on the grid. Even if you were right, you made the wrong decision by rashly terminating a driver without the rest of the team's consent. Your timing couldn't had been worse, just 2 days before the season started.

    And that is still my main concern at the moment. And that is to put 2 drivers on the grid for Melbourne.

    Don't air our dirty laundry in public. We've already had our discussions in private no need to reproduce it in public or this thread will go on for another 20 pages. And Andrew, I do not appreciate you commenting on my post. This thread is to recruit drivers, not to defend yourself, attack others, or change topic.
  7. Hi Chris,

    like i mentioned im not going to reply further to mr Ward's lies. So there will be no further discussion.

    Ward is no longer part of the Silverline team so that shouldn't put drivers off from joining Silverline

    Before i made my post i asked Benjamin if it would be okay to give a reply and he said yes as i have a right to defend myself and give my point of view. As would anyone have a right to defend against false comments made against them publicly.

    So there will be no further discussion from my side, it's time to move on.........
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  8. Yep I understood your concerns Ben, but the issue with Karim wasn't going to improve in the future. It was better to release Karim & use a temporary driver in the short term, while looking for a replacement.

    I'm not attacking anyone. Just writing my side of the story as people have been asking what happened.
  9. Just wanted to say when i worked with Ward F1 last season, i got the upmost support, i had 3 people at one time working just for me, it was superb, realy a great team atmos, the only reason i am not driving with ward this season (i was still down on paper for a test driver) is because i dont have time to race in FSR otherwise i would have been with them for as long as needed, as Andrew is realy a superb guy and i dont like to see him pulled down like this, i dont know the ins and outs of what happened, you guys have your reasons and im not judging that at all but i would not want anyone to feel that Andrew does not have alot to offer.

    Karim i just wanna add also that i have alot of respect foryou and never had any issues with you so this is not my attempt to make you look a fool or anything, perhaps you like a different team environment or something was not correct for you, or how you liked it, but i know how good you can be as we have worked together many times :D
  10. I have seen people going from the back to the top of WC just because of the steering.
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  11. i Want be driver of you team. I am Brazilian I am Looking for one Team.please give a chase