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Discussion in 'Formula SimRacing' started by Ben Phillips, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. This forum has never been so quiet!
    How is mod devoloping coming on? How is the deadlines looking to have everything ready? Ive never know it this quiet since i started here in fsr in 06... I hope its not a trend thats going to continue? I would have thought the president of the club would have written a post with update progress like dennis did last year,

    Just wanna know whats happening behind the scenes and hope everything is panning out as it should?!
  2. There is silence but the mod team test is working behind the scenes ;) The mod developing is on a good way and it will be a clearly improvement from the last year mod. About the mod release I don't know if I'm allowed to talk about, but I can say that it will be released pretty soon.

    Maybe what we are lacking is some info about the current teams ;) They can post his news, new drivers, etc etc.
  3. i was thinking same thing ben. its been like being kept in dark.. what mod are we even using for shapes? please not the old bmws again they are too old now. whats going on lol. New people who might be thinking of coming on board could think the leagues done with no news for ages.
  4. Hi,
    yes, I should have done this earlier, but my work situation didnĀ“t give me more time, and I prefered to spend the available time working on new developments. I will prepare a longer description on the current situation tomorrow.

    There are many things worked on behind the scenes and the Mod development is going fine.

    The new Chassis will, as I said in my opening post, be 2009/2010 shapes.

    You guys have nothing to worry about :)
  5. I see a server in rFactor related to FSR 2011 would this be correct? xD
  6. Yep, that's the server which has been put up for the mod test team to work together (on slipstream/dirty air for example).
  7. new to this league, we are hoping to enter into the WS this season, ad for a major league it does seem quiet.....

    knowing work is going on behind the scenes to improve on what looked like an impressive season, a lil bit of info would be awesome on all aspects!!!

    thanks guys
  8. This is going to be an awesome season!!!