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Abarthy Party! (LIVE)

Misc Shred's Smoke Mod 1.1.1

More realistic, bluish smoke (no FPS cost)

  1. ShredatorFIN submitted a new resource:

    Shred's Smoke mod - More realistic, bluish smoke

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  2. Chris

    Ted Kravitz Appreciation Society Staff Premium

    Epic mod mate! Looks fantastically realistic :)
  3. Many thanks! I'm open to criticism (smoke density/color etc.) and could maybe try to improve it. Smoke thickness can be adjusted without FPS cost, by slightly changing .png transparency.
    Last edited: Aug 18, 2015
  4. Cheers for the great smoke. :)

    Tarmac smoke is perfect. Really perfect. Some might want it to linger slightly longer, but its really really good.

    Issue: I noticed now that there are two files: "tyre smoke" and "tyre smoke grass". Since when using your mod tyre smoke on tarmac look great, but when hitting grass it looks crazy (lots of Bright dust flying high up), but i got a bit confused since you use the "tyre smoke grass" file instead of the "tyre smoke" one. I remember long time ago (too long to remember details) we changed tarmac smoke in the "tyre smoke" file, and not the "tyre smoke grass" one. Im guessing you checked all that already, but feels like the grass change could be avoided if using the first file for tarmac. Im probably wrong.

    Does it mean the "tyre smoke" file hold the grass dust? I need to get the grass dust sorted or i cant use this mod since it looks nuts when hitting grass lol. If anyone have an idea what to tweak to lower grass dust please let me know. Cheers.
    Last edited: Apr 8, 2016
  5. Its perfect now! Thank you for the update on the dust. Good work. :)
  6. This is a very nice update to the sim.
    I really love the 'wispy' effects as the wind carries it away from the car.
    It looks absolutely natural.
    Thanks for doing it.
  7. Thanks!

    Here's how it works: Official Kunos smoke texture (a .png image file) is grayscale. It doesn't contain any color information. Then, when tyres hit non-tarmac, it's treated by different .ini file, namely tyre_smoke_grass.ini. Kunos official version colors their grayscale texture (which is white on Tarmac) into muddy/dark grayish brown. But my .png file already contains a color information. And it's not just 1 tint of blue, but various slightly different blue tints, copied from photographs of real cars doing burnouts.

    When applied over my blue image file, the default AC smoke_on_grass.ini makes the dust color weird. Because it's meant for grayscale image, not blue. That's why the .ini's seems a bit illogical. I adjusted COLOR_BASE values, which are just RGB values, to eliminate the blue from my image file, when tyres hit non-tarmac.

    The smoke itself is treated by tyre_smoke.ini. In theory, it would be possible to use only grayscale .png file and then change the COLOR_BASE values in tyre_smoke.ini. But then it would be just 1 tint of blue.

    However, I've made experiments with this style, and it looks pretty ok, very different. Also tried with different smoke textures, I've been able to get much more and thicker smoke, without any FPS effect. Actually it might improve FPS, since the grayscale image takes less space from disk, and seems it actually affects (minorly) FPS performance, even though the filesize is really small. Maybe because it's repeated numerous times, and stacks up somehow? I don't know the reason.

    Didn't want to include it into mod, since I'm not sure what to think about it... I was very surprised by the good feedback and downloads for my mod, so didn't want to change it too much. Now the smoke on grass is a bit more transparent than official Kunos, the values for this is OPACITY_BASE if you want to tweak it. Default is 0.25, now it's 0.20 to make the dust on grass a bit more subtle, while keeping the smoke thick.

    Value for color is COLOR_BASE, these are 3 RGB values, so first is Red, then Green and Blue. In case you want to tweak it :)

    COLOR_RANDOM means it adds slight variation to the base color, to make it less obvious it's repeated image file. But I haven't touched that, and probably making those higher would make it look weird.

    OPACITY_VELOCITY_BASE in both tyre_smoke.ini and tyre_smoke_grass.ini is a negative value. It means how fast the smoke/dust cloud will die. In theory smoke could be made to float longer in air, but it would reduce FPS. With monster PC this might be worth testing. Default value for smoke is -0.1 but putting it to for example -0.07 would make the smoke stay in air longer.

    In that case you want to also tweak SIZE_VELOCITY_BASE and put both values higher (width, height), because that means how big the cloud will stretch, as time passes. If you just tweak OPACITY_VELOCITY_BASE, it will look unnatural as the smoke cloud doesn't grow in size, as it fades.

    SLIP_LEVEL means how much the tyre needs to slip (duh) for smoke to appear. I'm not sure of all values and their meanings, I haven't touched others than RBG/transparency since I trust Kunos has reasons why they are like they are, and I don't want to make smoke bigger with the cost of FPS drop. But maybe I should try more stuff, to see what can be done.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
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  8. Thanks man! It's really just default AC, but the texture file is asymmetrical, and transparency of it varies in different parts, so when AC draws it multiple times on top of each other, they form random "layers" and look more natural dust/smoke clouds. While it's 100% same as theirs, but their texture is a round sphere of smoke, with not much transparency variation. That is the only reason it looks different.
  9. You think im crazy or does this make the skidmarks tinted blue? Drove on a couple tracks last night and i thought skidmarks had a blueish tone to them. If thats the case, maybe we need to ask Kunos to separate skidmarks from the smoke. Just to make it a little more perfect. At the end of the day i Think Kunos should add this color to the sim. However, a reason they havent might be because it affects the skidmarks, and they just didnt have the time to fix that yet. Small team, prio's and all that. :)

    Also, thank you for the explanation of the ini file. ;)

    EDIT: I just wanted to say that this make the smoke and dust look very very realistic, but it also have NO impact on performance. I know you wrote that, but i just wanted to give it as a testimonial for others (if they read this). Last night we did some racing and at the grid when all spun in front of me it looked super real and i had no dip in FPS (compared to stock smoke that DO drop my FPS). Well done mate.
  10. Really? You have sharp eye :D I have never noticed, but I have to look into it. Skidmarks.ini is a separate file, with no RBG values, there is some values unknown to me. And skidmards.dds is a separate file in content/texture folder. Cannot open .dds files from this machine but will check once I get to my own computer.

    It is possible that FPS might improve now when car goes off-track, since Kunos smoke_on_grass.ini higher opacity probably means also, that the dust dies later, resulting it stacking up. With default .ini I get worst frame drops when cars go off-track.
  11. Yeah, the going off track im not sure about. I Think i saw some dips last night when the boys Went off (out of sight), but the tarmac smoke at start when everyone revving up was really smooth compared to stock values. The off track thing has been a slight issue since the start of AC. Especially when someone goes off track on the other side of the track and you cant see them, and still it dips the FPS for everyone. I thought things that are out of sight isnt calculated for the others, but handled client side. But maybe i just dont understand these things. :D And it doesnt matter. It has nothing to do with your mod. Your mod make it look more real and it has less impact. Everyone should use this (unless they want unreal massive "cool" smoke of course). :)

    Skids being blueish might just be my Eyes then (they are crapping out on me), if they are separate. :roflmao:
  12. The offtrack smoke is created continuously, so the textures piling up makes it very FPS heavy. By adding OPACITY_VELOCITY_BASE or maybe lowering OPACITY_BASE you could probably reduce offtrack FPS drops happening. I don't know if players need to look at it for it to drop, or how it works. Tarmac smoke is more gentle, in race starts of course dips but rarely else, because it dies pretty quick. But I haven't altered tarmac values, they are default Kunos. My texture is in fact heavier (148 KB vs. 116 KB) because of color data. I tried to make it stay in the air longer with altering velocity values, and (as expected) it started to hit FPS harder, when the textures begin to pile up. It's weird how a seemingly simple effect like this which isn't even 3D but a flat texture, is so resource hungry... no idea why.
    Last edited: Apr 9, 2016
  13. Doesn't seem to work in 1.7.1 unfortunately :( Hope you 'll get time to update as the video looks fantastic!
  14. Did you check if it was overwritten? Sometimes it can be with updates. I havent checked yet so you might be right. This smoke mod is really at the very top and i wouldnt be sad if it was included in AC cause it looks very real and is good for performance.
  15. I've applied it after the update (overwriting two files as instructed) and the smoke looks nothing like in the video...
  16. Ah ok. Im going to check it soon. I'll be reporting back. If it indeed isnt working anymore i hope Shred checks it out. :)
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  17. Maybe you have custom weather or PP? I did some testing now with this mod, actually I use nowadays a different smoke mod of mine with custom PP. But here is how this mod looks for me with 1.7 default PP and weather:

    After that there is a clip of another smoke mod I've used, with more smoke and using very different technique to achieve that. Not sure if I should release that too. Also in here:

    Different PP and weather mods can affect how smoke mods look, Kunos changed their PP quite a lot in 1.7.
    Last edited: Jul 17, 2016
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