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Showroom takes forever to load with vsync on?

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Mike Coleman, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Ever since I upgraded my system, the showroom takes forever to load with vsync turn on. I'm talking 5 min or more.

    If I turn vsync off, it loads immediately like normal.

    I can't race with vsync off. Has anyone else experienced this? Any help would be greatly appreciated! :worship:

    (I have the latest drivers for everything: mobo, video card, DirectX, etc)
  2. Hi Mike,

    Guess You have dual core or quad core CPU now after upgrade, try this, open task manager, start the game, at main menu alt+tab to task manager and set manually core affinity to both (all cores), even if it is checked already uncheck them and check all cores again

    Happened to me while I had E8200 C2D, both cores where checked to be used but if You take a look at performance tab other core wasn´t active at all, guess that problem is when having v-sync on system does not manage to initiate second core usage
  3. Evo is a single threaded app. It will never use both cores.
  4. Holy **** it worked!

    I really didn't think it would because Eric is right, it's a single threaded game and I didn't change the amount of cores I had in the upgrade. I just went from a quad core to a more powerful quad core.

    It was only happening in Windows 7 so I just chalked it up to a new OS bug. But just for kicks I tried what you suggested and it worked like a charm :)

    Thank you! :tits:
  5. You will be suprised that there is a great performance impact even with GTR2, GTL and of course race07 serial, check performance tab in task manager...
  6. I tried it and didnt see any difference. As I said it is a single thread app. I would actually argue you would be better off assigning it to a single CPU which would eliminate any context switching from the operating system and by that increase performance.
  7. on pics is GTR2, always using it for benchmarking because it has bigger grid (also visible) which is more CPU demanding, by default with race 07 both cores are utilised even if gmotor engine is not by default multithreaded, I personally experienced nice impact with change from E8200 (Core2Duo) to Q9400 even though both CPU has same (2,66) speed, usually CPU utilisation is bellow 60% but in some moments like full grid start with lots of smoke and other special effects 4 cores really helps
  8. I suggest trying Vsync off to race with, pair that with 0 pre rendered frames, although the picture can tear a little bit, its makes inputs from your input device/wheel instant to the screen(what you see) When I have Vsync on I notice my wheel and the wheel ingame are not in sync, obviously thts not good. If that works for you then no more Vsync and no more showroom issue.
  9. I currently force triple buffering to avoid the input lag of vsync, but I'll give that a shot. Thanks.
  10. It just a quick workaround, no idea why vsync makes your showroom take a long time to load. But if you can use this solution to play without Vsync then hopefully thats good enough.

    I never had this issue, but my issue was input lag, and even with Trip Buff on I could still notice the lag. (not massive, but once you notice well you have to get rid of it) Probably not an issue for most people, took me a while to notice it.

    Vsync is nice everything runs very smooth with it on, and without it, it will take a while to get used to, but it was worth the trade off for me, as direct input was more important than smooth gameplay. In reality its not a hugh difference in smoothness, nothing you wont get used to, but for whatever reason (its a complicated subject lets not go there) the experience is less smooth. sorry going of subject.
  11. You're definitely right about the steering input being much more precise with vsync off. I was under the impression that forcing triple buffering would eliminate input lag, but I can definitely feel and see the difference.