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Should I change from G27 to Fanatec?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Ramon Alonso, Apr 14, 2011.

  1. Hi folks, this is my dilema. I used to have the crappy MS wheel to play Forza, and had a blast with it, until I went through 2 of them, they where made by Fischer-Price. So, I decide to go with the PS3 and Logitech G27 for when F1 2010 was coming out and also GT5. In doing that I left a lot of my buddies high and dry playing Xbox. The G27 is awesome but I really don't have that many friends who play PS3, and I have lost all hope that Xbox will let the G27 into their world. I need a wheel that can play all, XBox, PS3, and PC, Fanatec only does that. F1 2011 is coming up and I hope to have a PC for it, and Forza 4 is also coming out later in the year. The only solution I see is selling the G27 and getting a Fanatec. Is the Fanatec just as good or better? Should I expect problems like I see in the forum?
  2. Danny Asbury

    Danny Asbury
    Premium Member

    Hate to be all anti-Fanatec here, but I would stay away from them. I was in your EXACT situation about a year and and half ago before I switched over to PC, and I tried the Fanatec. It's nice, but there is a pretty high risk of running into problems. The G27 on the other hand is just a rock, and never seems to have any trouble... ever. I would look into the adaptor Brian mentioned if at all possible.
  3. Alex Ball

    Alex Ball
    Web Nerd

    I use a fanatec GT2 full time - but I'd never sell my 'backup' G25. I've sent back 3 of the 4 Fanatec wheels I've had. They are not reliable.

    I'd swap the rim on your G27 for a momo or something instead.
  4. The question is what has you miffed about your g-27 to make you think about changing wheels? The reason why i ask is just about every online race i enter (i-racing) there's at least 1 or 2 guys having issues with there g-25 or g-27. I'm no fan of fanatec, in fact i own a Thomas-superwheel, which has never made me think about another wheel... so what say you?
  5. It's in the original post? He wants a wheel that can work on all consoles and PC.
  6. Looks like I'm keeping the G27. The big problem is not playing with a lot of my friends in Xbox. I saw the adapter and right now it's a no sell for me, maybe that will change as time goes by.
  7. Problems with Fanatec support aside it is a great wheel. I haven't had any issues with my GT2 or clubsport pedals so I can't speak to the poor service/quality, maybe I am lucky I don't know but I have not had a problem. When I emailed asking about delivery I got a response in 1-2 days time and they were always very helpful.

    I ordered my GT2, clubsport pedals and shifters at the beginning of January and they were delivered by the end of February. I was left waiting for the shifters but that was not a big wait or a big issue either. Considering that my order was made amidst the GT5/xmas rush I am very happy with the speed of delivery.

    As far as how the wheel and pedals perform, they are awesome. The ffb is on par or a bit better than the G27 (a friend of mine owns one) and the pedals are certainly much better than the logitech ones. However the wheel comes with an adapter for the G27 pedals so you don't need to replace those since they are quite good to begin with. The button layout on the wheel is a win for me as well compared to the G27. It is also good to have on the fly adjustment of wheel settings on the wheel itself.

    To me it sounds like xbox compatibility is really important to you. The adapter from xcom is not a good option from what I have heard; insidesimracing's video shows that the ffb suffers in the translation. So the only choice is the Fanatec GT2.

    I would recommend you get a GT2, there is less demand for them now so shipping should not be an issue. Keep you G27 around until you have the GT2 in your hands and you know there are no problems with it.
  8. LOL glight, I got the GT2 w/CS pedals as well...

    As for Ramon's question: I had disconnection problems when racing F1 201 online on Xbox. I posted in the "Fanatec official support thread here at RD, and got a really fast response from ReDi. As he suggested I contacted Fanatec and it took 3 days to get a response and got excellent support from Armin at Fanatec. He offered to RMA the wheel, but meanwhile I discovered the problem wasn't with fanatec at all, but rather with Xbox servers and/or F1 2010. I know that because I started racing online with the official crappy MS wheel, and it did exactly the same thing the fanatec wheel did (disconnect/freeze).

    Maybe the customer service at Fanatec got overflowed for sometime, but they had that corrected, as my experience with their customer service was absolutly flawless. And the wheel/CS pedals are AMAZING !
  9. Did you guys ordered from their website?
  10. Yeah I ordered from their website around 10th of january, got the wheel at the end of february.
  11. Stuart Thomson

    Stuart Thomson
    The Stoat Without Fear â„¢ Premium Member

    That right there is a worry for me, and not something I would easily set aside.

    Too many people I know well have had some rough times with the Fanatec support.

    People hardly ever have to call Logitech support, and when they do, it's generally a surprise how good & quick they are, rather than how bad & slow.

    Their (Fanatec's) products could well be the best ever, but - for me at least - the sketchiness and worry about unreliability make them a "no thanks" for me.

    And if I'm thinking that, I suspect so are many others.
  12. I should rephrase that "Other people's problems with Fanatec support aside" because as I go on in that post I have not had a single problem with product quality, shipping or support. I had a couple questions after receiving the wheel that were answered by email within 2 days of emailing them. I am just trying to be fair to everyone that has had problems though and not paint Fanatec as a perfect company that has never done any wrong. I would still order from them again, and I know they are very willing to replace defective items and refunds if their customers are not happy.
  13. Is it just me but, with the adapter I see people turning the wheel some before the car turns, since the Xbox thinks its the joystick from the controller. I think it's a quick fix, and getting used to a G27, using this would probably be like going backwards. The adapter is $99 without shipping, so I'll save a little more and get the Fanatec. I'll use the Fanatec for my Playseat and console games, and the G27 for PC.
  14. I have the xbox360 wheel, G27 (for PS3), finally switched to Fanatec GT2.

    Fanatec GT2 is an awesome wheel (You need to figure out the setting). But I played 10 hours and it went dead! I am now waiting support from Fanatec.
    G27 is good (if u never try the Fanatec wheel), its just plug and play and reliable!