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Shifter TH8A or?

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Cozzyy1, Oct 7, 2016.

  1. Was going to buy the shh 7r shifter but seen the TH8A for £99 which i think is pretty cheap?
    Was wondering whats the lowest prices you guys have seen it at or what shifters you recommend for £100
  2. ouvert


    got one and can`t complain .. looks good, feels good, works good, has seq. mod and analogue handbrake mod ....
    only downside is that you can`t just easily switch from H to seq mod ... you need to unscrew 4 screw change plate and screw them back .. not a dealbraker, usualy I just change that while game is loading but tends to be anoying a bit sometimes :)

    never tried the plastic ssh but I prefer metal for these pieces of gear anyway
  3. I have the SHH and I love it, but the downside is you might have to wait a month or two till a run is being done.
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  4. is £99 a good price for a new one?
  5. ouvert


    in my country it costs ~110 GBP so 99 is good .. whatever you choose H shifter is game changer ... heel&toe will make even Assetto Corsa fun to hotlap :whistling::p
  6. never bothered to change it to sequential as it looks so cumbersome to do, so i wouldnt let that be a factor. the shh has a lot of happy owners, this is a great stick tho
  7. The TH8A is great for the price. That being said, I've been planning to upgrade to the clubsport. The feel to me isn't enough, and I only switched to sequential once and didn't think it felt nice. I'm using it til the new HE h-shifter is released, though.

    It feels sturdy and well made, you can shift quite quickly. The shift knob did break on me though, but it's easy enough to swap on a knob from a real car.