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Shaders & Paint Jobs

Discussion in 'Racer' started by FiftyOrange, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Remember the old "paint jobs" thread on RSC? I liked that, so I'm gonna try to bring it back.

    As well as that, here's somewhere for people to share "v090" compatible shader files, and other things, including:
    • updates for older cars, with vertex shaders
    • updates for older tracks, with vertex shaders
    • different settings and shader setups for v090 compatible content
    • different shader setups to be used for different paint-jobs or other visual accessory
    • paint jobs for cars or other visual accessory for cars or environments
    • Raven variants
    Hopefully this will help the content download sites stay up-to-date too.

    See the post below for an alphabetically ordered list of content.
  2. This post will be turned into a list of the uploads in this thread. If it's anything like the old RSC one, it'll run into well over 20 pages, and be difficult to navigate. So I'll keep it all organised by updating this post with a list of what's been uploaded throughout the thread, so it's easy to find something for a specific car or track.

    List of Cars:

    CG Shader - Toyota Supra 1993 (Some1)

    List of Tracks:

    None yet!
  3. KS95

    RACER Moderator

  4. Only really works for cars that have all the paint on a separate material (eg. the Aronde just has a greyscale texture burned with ambient occlusion), but this is how I do paint jobs right now:
      ; metal try #1: steel
      ;specular=.95 .94 .86
      ;ambient=.275 .275 .243
      ;diffuse=.5 .5 .56
      ; metal 1 fresnel
       ; fresnel
       ; {
       ;   bias=0.02
       ;   scale=0.98
       ;   power=6.0
      ; green metallic paint
      ;specular=.652 .933 .11
      ;ambient=.285 .578 .15
      ;diffuse=.25 .363 .08
      ; blue gloss paint
      specular = 0 0 0.01
      ambient = .2 .4 .64
      diffuse = .06 .11 .22
      ; metal #2: chrome
      ;specular=.2 .2 .2
      ;ambient=0 0 .05
      ;diffuse=0 0 .01
      ; chrome fresnel
      ;  bias=0.8
      ;  scale=0.2
      ;  power=2.0
      ; black gloss paint
      ;specular=0.02 0.02 0.02
      ;ambient = 0.01 0.01 0.01
      ;diffuse= 0.01 0.01 0.01
      ; just fooling around with red
      ;specular=0 0 0
     ; ambient=0.9 0 0
      ;diffuse=0.9 0 0
    I find this easier than switching around textures, your mileage may vary. Just comment out the active paintjob, and uncomment another one.

    Should also be relatively easy to write bat files for, with ini.exe.

    If we established a standard for the AO map, these would also be easy to share between cars. I have a grey for the flat surfaces; should work ok on any other car with a #D8D8D8 flat texture on the body.

    Chrome looks like
      specular=0.2 0.2 0.2
    chrome.tga is #00000d solid color (very dark blue, extremely near black)
  5. Thanks.

    While that is extremely useful, this thread is more for pre-packed stuff, the kind of thing you can download, unpack, drop in, and use - to save everyone having to do their own updates and tweaks to make things work. A kind of community effort, one person updates something, we can all use it.
  6. Fair enough, perhaps another thread somewhere for the individual material shaders would be a good idea, make it easier for people to update to cg.
  7. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Or perhaps Fifty could make a material list and then link to each post :)

    I tried your body colour shader, it works pretty well, but is it really easier than different textures? lol
  8. I think it would be slightly easier then making a so many other textures that all will probably require different ambient, specular and, diffuse settings. just do it all at once, all you need to really make the color right is a sample of it and something to read the RGB values. I had toyed around with this with a car I had converted and never released (there might be 1 or 2 pictures of it around here but even those might be hard to find). But I only did simple things, started with a white body then just made it red, I think at one point it even had a metallic shader, like the one Tiberius had done on his Jag.
  9. I've re-worked the Lambo (close to release), like Stereo it uses ini.exe and edits the car.shd files via BATs, which are run via a small flash projector with a colour swatch selector etc.

    I think it's the future for solid colours, but of course liveries are another matter.

    Hopefully soon there will be an elegant way to just add new colours to car.shd files from shader fragments we post up on here... and have them selectable via a Racer menu :D

  10. Having a gray diffuse texture and using the specular/ambient/diffuse to change the car color for each variation is also better because it dramatically lowers the file size of the car if you have more than a few colors. And you can have as many colors as you want without worrying about that!




    These are all from my R8.

    Nice list idea by the way, it would you cool if we create thumbnails to go with them so people know what they're getting. Use some generic model (teacup? sphere?).
  11. EAP3D:
    The links don't work, they say 404 forbidden.
  12. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    You need to 'right click' and 'save as...' it seems :)
  13. I have made some updates to MB SL65 AMG Black Edition, made by Radzik. I hope he doesn't mind uploading the updated version.

    Some changes:
    - Updated shaders, for all colours. Couldn't get everything right but this was my first try with these CG Shaders.
    - Corrected gear ratios and made gearbox handle like Merc's AMG "Speedshift" transmission in manual mode.
    - Corrected torque curve and weight. Weight was for normal SL65 AMG, this one is 250kg lighter.
    - Changed suspension settings to more realistic values (in my mind) and took pacejka from Murcielago and tuned it a bit.

    The car now matches performance better with the real one.

  14. Thanks! Good job..
  15. Thx for the update! but i think it needs more work, the car understeers too much... so passing the corners are on very low speeds, to get it right i need to bounce it a bit to go in slight drifts... maybe something wrong with the pacejka settings
  16. The old Lambo pacejka isn't really a good base, it's very old now.

    If I get chance I'll post up some better numbers for you to use.

  17. THX Dave, that will be great! Just like a thought, the problem is in lambo's pacejka xD bcoz the driving feel is the same aswell ...
  18. I never actually understood why the lambo is Racer's included car since it has no interior.. (but I disliked the prius in 0.5.3 more simply because it was a prius. :p)
    I do not recall ever really using the alpine in 0.5.0 either. >_>
  19. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    The prius was a default car? I don't remember that lol. I remember the alpine though, didn't like it.
  20. The prius was in 0.5.3 b15 for Mac OS. I dunno about the windows version.