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shaders? are they essential

Discussion in 'Racer' started by ammods, Jun 30, 2010.

  1. hi there
    i'm new to racer and i'm interested in putting a few of my mods from my other game format, to racer..but i need to know do i need shaders?

    thanks in advance
  2. Yes, shaders describe what the car materials look like.

    It'll run without them but it won't look right (default lighting or something)

    At the most basic, in recent versions, you write something like this
    ; then repeat this part for each material
    Repeat the second part for every material name on the car's objects (body, wheels, etc.) and textures for them, replacing the bits marked red.

    This just gives a basic matte material, though. If you want reflections and stuff you'll have to look into how other cars do them - essentially you need to change the vertex/fragment shaders to ones constructed for reflections, and add a layer1{ map=$trackenvmap }.
  3. ugh, thanks for the reply, that looks painful at best,
  4. There is a no cg version available.
  5. pardon lol
  6. Non-CG still uses a shader file, that in many ways might be more complicated to use.

    Every game today, or even in the past, needed some kind of system to set up shaders. I remember setting up shaders before my M3 release and that was umm, 6 years ago now... so it's not a 'new' thing to have to do.

    Before that in Racer you would set up shaders in essence, via the DOF properties in Modeller.exe, by setting ambient/diffuse/specular/reflect properties etc... so once again there was some work to do it well.

    In theory, the new CG shaders, once matured a bit more, should make content creation much easier than it has been for a long time considering the quality you get back!

  7. thanks i'm currently modding for world racing 2, fortunately we dont have anythign like that to contend with..i'm basically looking for another game format to work with, something thats not hard to edit for..
  8. The shaders will be the least hard thing to do compared to good modelling and texturing to start with!

    The shaders are 95% copy/paste, ever car is pretty much the same kinda data just with different path names for your textures, or material names. What you name those is up to your good logic :D

    If you can model and texture a good car, then shaders are easy easy peasy in comparison!

  9. autobahn from WR2 would be tasty in racer !!
  10. KS95

    RACER Moderator

  11. 2o6


    How do you make a shader double sided? AMG Fan did my shader but It has some holes in the mesh that were not there. I know that simply making the shader reflect light on both sides will fix this problem.

    Also, my dash is flat shaded. How do I remove this?

  12. Mapping it with baked dash texture.
  13. 2o6


    No it's flat shaded as in, each face is visible, including the edges.
  14. screen please
  15. The best way is to unite the vertices ;)
  16. thanks for the replies, guys. what i would have to consider is find some one that i could trust enough to do this...btw is there a plugin for 3dsmax for racer? would be easier than jumping through hoops like i have to do, with wr2

    ok i've just taken a look at racer, and it's crash happy, i'll passs, thanks guys..for the replies..but nah i'll pass..
  17. 2o6



    Try 0.88. It's a lot more stable.
  18. KS95

    RACER Moderator

    Indeed... if it's "crash happy".. then there's a reason. Care to give us a clue? lol
  19. Cull = none, means that the back-face of polygons are rendered.

    It is no ideal to do this except in special cases though (ie, wire fences, fences and such)