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Setups - Dont be afraid

Discussion in 'RACE 07 - Official WTCC Game' started by Abdul Al-Amry, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Here is my story, not much but might help others.

    So last night(2am) decided to get on GTR online, Say public server with track Porto and in qualy session. I joined with BMW Extreme. Class was WTCC Extreme. First thing I always do is go to Timings, check what the times people are runnning at knowing that it will always get faster as drivers join. I saw a time of 1:52.xxx as the fastest. Wasnt sure if I could do that(see I am not very good when it comes to setups). Anyway i tweaked my car as usual.

    I first load the Simbin settings and then adjust:

    Lock: 28 - Check
    Fuel: 3 Laps worth - Check
    Tyre Pressure - F 190, R 190 - Check
    Brake pressure - 95% - Check

    I would also normally adjust the dumpers but seeing its a tricky I left it and hoped it would work.

    Went for my lap which was in the 1:53.xxx. Mhhh this looks like a good session. Check the timing window and the times had plummeted to 1:49.6xx. Impossible I say. I will never get pole.

    Went for a few more runs. Improved to 1:52.4xx. Car wasnt handling under braking. Tweaked both fast and slow dumpers slightly but nothing improved, nudda. Tweaked again fast and slow dumpers to maximum settings of 21 on both this time. Fast and slow rebound at 11. Went out again. To my suprise my time was very impressive. You all want to know what time I did? I betcha lol.

    A 1:48.4xx which was the fastest for the entire session. The race was a different matter as the first turn was all that I saw. Smacked well and trully hard by 10 cars without brakes behind me.

    If you have spare time when racing, just play with the settings. Dont be afraid to go to the extreme settings just to see how the car will handle. I know for sure most of the AI :worship: here can/will go faster than my time.

    Well there goes my story. Qualy without a race.

  2. Well you got well and truly shafted on the race by the sounds of it. But at least you remebered the setup changes. I tend to forget mine...oops.
  3. The first corner on Pau on public servers can be terrible, I've had other drivers cars fly over the top of me.

    Public servers can be a bit of a farce but I think you do get a bit better at surviving the mayhem. If you do survive it and get away from the fools they will never catch you and most of the time have an enjoyable race.

  4. its the same in every racing game...the first corner and the first few laps are survival of the fittest and after you get the idiots out..its a good time
  5. Public servers are always terrible.
  6. Mostly the 2nd race on these public servers are quite ok, so I never quit if they target my car in race 1. Of course from time to time there's a crasher who stays for race 2, but that's rather exceptional.

    @ Abdul: 4 seconds improvement only because of an improved setup? Wow, that's a lot!
  7. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    It is a lot m8, I was well chuffed and surprised. The car felt very good. stuck to the track like tyres on rails. Braked late and hard, could hit the apex of accuracy which wasnt possible with the default setup.
  8. are you sure it was pau ?
    hotlap of pau with a mini is 1:30 so 1:48 with extreme wtcc is not so fast.

    I'm driving for a month now and still using the standard simbin setups.
    I think I have to improve my driving skills first before I make changes in the setup.
  9. Sorry, to sort of hijack the subject, but couldn't let this go by :p

    Not true, there are a few good public and administered servers (who do much for the new GTREvo community), just carefully look for them (keep an eye on the server name and get back to it day after day).

    My current experience with GTR Evo online can be resumed to 2 types of server (excluding closed/password servers who aren’t in discussion here):
    1 - There are a few good & administrated servers, who run a ban list (Steam ID, not perfect but better than nothing) and have active adult administrators (a kid administrator is even worst then no administrator).
    (most people don't know/or don't bother about this one) Even if they aren’t on-line, they have an available e-mail where you can send replay movies data regarding wreckers, blockers and other little kids and to my knowledge (those who I know) act upon it (sometimes it may take a few days, but they act).
    2 -There are lots of “abandoned” public servers where there is no “active” administration going on.
    With the ban list going larger (in the first moth lots of people made the permanent or timed ban list, now it’s very rare to add someone), you can guess where all the little kids are concentrated now (they themselves can’t see the servers where they are banned)… Yes, they are concentrated in this kind of servers.

    So if you play in these ones, yes you will need a big dose of coolness and some luck (my advice is to DQ yourself start last and calmly work your way up and if there is a 2nd race, aim to this one).

    A few things can be done even when setting up non administrated servers that can help a bit to reduce the effect of these little kids.

    -The Qualifying session must be at least 30 mins with voting requirements very high.

    Usually these little brats are in hurry to do their mess (parents aren’t home & such), and the concept of training before race is null to them…
    The idea is that they will eventually get bored before the race starts and leave the server.

    -Damage 100% with engine mechanical failures.

    This one is a 2 edge sword… but to my experience in the end it helps. Usually the brat will “kill” someone, but just one or at max 2 before his car is KO, even if he leaves the car parked in the middle of the track, the car won’t move and one just pretends it is a new chicane.

    Blunt advertisement --> Btw, if anyone is looking for a good public Nordschleife GT server, look for SRSG in servers name.
  10. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Manuel, its not Pau as I just checked a video of Pau track and its deffo not the one. Street track. Not Macau, Not Pau, I think Porto. Sorry guys for the mistake and thanks Manuel for the correction.
  11. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

  12. There are two possible ways that youre lap time improved for 4-5 seconds in just three runs (in a matter of minutes/hours).

    A, IMHO the most plousable, you've learned the track which you didnt know as well as you thought. (As others on that server at the time).

    B, less possible, you setuped the car to an almost perfection to gain 4-5 secs...

    My experiances are, that it is very easy to tune youre car for few seconds faster than it was with previous setup on any track emidiately if you know what are you doing... For 4-5 seconds it takes time and testing.

    I drive mostly F3000 where setup really counts and if i think of the track that i most like/know i would say that i gained a sum of 5 seconds from the first serious lap that i maid in the begining and the best ever I set there. Out of that, 3 seconds were probably setup and 2 secs really knowing the track. (i know that because if i would run a default setup on that track i would still be around 2 seconds faster than i was in the begining).

    But there is one thing true. Try testing difrent setups as this is the only way you will ever be amongs the best...

  13. i agree, there are a few good public servers left on steam which kids havent discovered yet.. but sooner or later they will. i suggest beware of crashers on the 1st corner and if worst gets to worst you get voted out by all the brats lol
  14. Abdul Al-Amry

    Abdul Al-Amry
    2011 RD Indy 500 Winner

    Rok, with the default setup I could tell where I was losing time but couldnt do anything about it as the car wasnt responding. Porto track is above medium difficulty imo. I read a post somewhere that the higher the dumpers the better. Changing this, steering lock, fuel, tyre pressure made a huge difference. On normal tracks, at the end of the qualy session, I would improve my times between 0.5sec - 2sec. This was a different improvement though.

    Setup up a car is my next best past time now lol.